Rising Angels: Reborn [Official]

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Rising Angels: Reborn [Official]

#1 Post by Trixar_za » Sun Nov 03, 2013 10:56 am

This will just be a list of endings, what CGs you'll get and the choice needed to get them. The hints should be good enough to get you to a certain ending. Otherwise I just provide the choice that will result in that ending. When and where to use it is up to you to figure out.

Initial CGs: Main Menu, Salute

Ending #1: Lost in the fog
Hint: Listen to what your doctor recommends
Choice: No... Let's head home
Skipping this ending unlocks the CG: Flute of Sorrow
Ending #2: Fading into the unknown night
Hint: Sometimes you have to be destructive to save humanity
Choice: We smash the crystal
Skipping this ending unlocks the CGs: Victory, Showdown with Stan
Ending #3: For the sins I carry
Hint: The bastards should pay for what they've done!
Choice: Shoot Stan
Ending #4: The only road I can walk
Hint: You must trust your superiors
Choice: Hand over the crystal to command
CG: Goodbye
Ending #5: Walking into the fog of the unknown
Hint: Never trust the government!
Choice: Keep the crystal
CG: True End
Note: It doesn't matter which option you pick on non-ending related choices since it doesn't affect the plot beyond unlocking extra dialog text with that character. Also picking the other option in ending related choices will progress the game to allow later possible endings. The last two endings come from the same choices menu - either choice will result in an ending.
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Re: Rising Angels: Reborn [Official]

#2 Post by DeathApproaches » Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:08 pm

You covered all the endings with special images, but there are at least 2 more that don't have images (#6 and #7).

Ending #6: Sloth
Choose to wait instead of using the anti-crystal. Later on, ask Suri to apprehend Kylie.
Ending #7: Betrayal
Choose to wait instead of using the anti-crystal. When Stan threatens you to hand over your research, ask Kika to open the door.
There might be more, but including your five that's all the ones I've found.

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