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Re:Set Episode 2 Walkthrough [Official]

#1 Post by azureXtwilight » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:33 am

Quick Ending + Minigame Guide
General Endings (minigame not included):

Ending 1:

It doesn't matter what you took, just fail the detective minigame

Ending 2:

Generally be nice to Ryuudou and uncover the truth about the Ryuudou family:

During the mansion exploration scenes:
- 1st floor hall
- 1st floor hall
- Except 1 st floor hall
- 2nd floor hall
- 1st floor hall
- Library 1st floor

Don't tell Miki
Trust Ryuudou
It was on purpose, wasn't it?

Ending 3:

Same with Ending 2, just tell Miki what Ryuudou said and don't trust Ryuudou

Ending 4:

During the mansion exploration scenes:
- Music Room or Library 1st floor
- Music Room or Library 1st floor
- Music Room
- Free except kitchen
- 2nd floor hall
- Except Library 1st floor

Tell Miki
I won't go beserk
Talk to Mike, Mae and Jianyu

Ending 5:

Same with ending 4, but chooose "No change of plans" and "Ask Grace about the situation"


Bonus battle savan : Go to the first floor when it's 90 minutes left at mansion exploration scene

Grace Path : Finish ending 2 and ending 5

Detective Minigame Walkthrough:

"Yeah! He was too hurt to move, then Esther's fiance removes the knife and the blood spurts all over his clothes" >> Present pants
".... but it was so slippery he fell down the stairs and hit his head" >> present head
present knife
present stairs
"Besides, no one knows when the barrier occurred exactly." >> present grace
her build
present frank
present barrier
You wore the shirt while removing the knife from his body
present teresa
present lock

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