Ghosts Are Good Hosts (Comedy/Puzzle) [Official Walkthrough]

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Ghosts Are Good Hosts (Comedy/Puzzle) [Official Walkthrough]

#1 Post by LeonDaydreamer » Sun Nov 08, 2015 12:17 pm

Someone requested a walkthrough for my game Ghosts Are Good Hosts [Lemma Page].
I probably should have posted this earlier since the game does feature puzzle elements.

You can play it here: Ghosts Are Good Hosts


*This is a complete walkthrough, so please highlight at your own risk.

The ghosts want to eat you, so you have to become 'Ghostfriends' with all of them. You can't eat your friends, right? To do this, you'll have to make them like and/or accept you. Once you've met one of the ghosts, you can ask the others about them (Spooks) and you might learn something important. Assuming you haven't made a ghost eat you, you can always go back and speak with them about something again to change your response (and their reaction towards you).
He is the only character with whom you can become ghostfriends without speaking to the others. To do this, you will have to tell him you are important and generally praise his vain ideals. Ask him about his Story, then:

  • >> Parties > Sounds Great
    >> Important People > I'm Important
  • >> Estates > Chateau de Carnelle > How Much > Good Price
    >> Estates > Others? > Impressed
    >> Collections > Art > Expensive Better
    >> Collections > Wine > Older Better
    >> Collections > Books > Older Better
To become ghostfriends with Halle, you will have to show her that you are a loyal fan. First you will need to become ghostfriends with Corsair and ask him about Halle's Personal (Extra) affairs; and you will also need to ask Halle about Kal's interests in Theatre, and then ask Kal about Theatre > Acting? > A Play. Then ask Halle about her Story, and:

  • >> Films > Love Them! > [Any Option]
    >> Theatre > Writing > I'd Love To
    >> Extra? > I Believe You
To become ghostfriends with Kal, you will have to show him you're fun (by his standards). First you will have to ask Soul about what kinds of Games Kal likes, and you will have to ask Halle about his interest in Theatre. Then:

Theatre>> A Play? > Of Course!
  • >> Pranks > I Like Pranks
    >> Hide & Seek > Let's Play
    >> Hide & Seek > Forgive Me (when he returns)
Soul likes thinking, to become ghostfriends with her you will have to give her some new things to think about. To do this you will have to be ghostfriends with Corsair and ask him about her Personal issues, he will tell you she likes Philosophy. Ask Soul about her Story, then:

Hobbies >> Reading > [Any Option]
  • >> Life > Life Is Freedom > Procreation
    >> People > People Are Evil > War/Colonialism
    >> The World > Doesn't Care > Not Ghosts
Once you've asked every ghost to be ghostfriends and they have accepted, you can ask them for more personal information about their fellow spooks. Then you have to go back and talk to each ghost about these things to give them a cathartic experience:

Halle: Kal will tell you about Halle's movie, so then you can go and tell Halle that that is your favourite movie (Yourself > Career > Films > Love Them! > [Movie])

Kal: Halle will mention Kal's 'Sad Story', but won't tell you what it is. Once Soul is your ghostfriend, you can ask her about Kal and she will tell you the Sad Story Halle spoke of. Then you can speak with Kal about Death > Brother, and tell him his brother Loved Him.

Soul: Kal will tell you about Soul's Bullying, then you can ask her about it and tell her They Don't Deserve Her.

Corsair: Soul will tell you that Corsair Invited all of the spooks there (Personal > Chateau > Invited You?), but Corsair will deny it. You have to ask Halle and Kal about whether Corsair invited them as well. Then you can tell Corsair that Everyone says he invited them to stay and that he Needs Them.

Once you have given each of the ghosts their cathartic experience (and they are all still your ghostfriends), try speaking with anyone and Corsair will call an end to the dinner. Speak with Annabel and finish the game. :)
The list above is all of the must-dos for you to complete the game, but you can discover other things to discuss with the ghosts if you explore some of the gossip more. Lastly, all of the ghosts will eat you if you ask them to, and Corsair and Halle will eat you if you really hit a nerve with them. Kal is the only ghost who will eat Annabel if you ask him to (which will give you a different ending, with her having been taken out of the equation).

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