Running Blade [Official Walkthrough]

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Running Blade [Official Walkthrough]

#1 Post by Donmai » Sat May 14, 2016 4:31 pm

To understand the story, it's not required that you've already read Philip K. Dick's novel or watched Ridley Scott's movie. But, if you've done one of those things (or both), Then it will be easier for you to spot the many references you may find while playing Running Blade.

Okay, so "this visual novel is a fan work, made solely for entertainment purposes, without intentions of profit from the work" but, even so, I thought I'd better change the names of the characters which appear in the novel and on the movie. None of those characters appear in the game, but many references are made to them and to the previous events in which they took part. Below you will see, to the left, the names as they are used in Running Blade and, to the right, the names as they appear in the novel or the movie.

Tyreese Corporation = Tyrell Corporation
Ron Derek = Rick Deckard
Ewan Tyreese = Eldon Tyrell
Esther = Rachael
Ray Beatty = Roy Batty
Chris Stewart = Pris Stratton
Len Kaminski = Leon Kowalski
Omaha Saunders = Zhora Salome

The two unnamed replicants which died on the movie are now named as "Harrison" and "Jean", and another android named O'Bannon appears in Jay-Long's memories. No need to make comments about the "Harrison" name, I believe. French comics creator Jean "Moebius" Giraud and American motion-picture screenwriter Dan O'Bannon (of "Alien" fame) were the creators of "The Long Tomorrow", a sci-fi comic story which has become one of the key visual references for the "Blade Runner" movie.
So, Philip K. Dick wrote the last lines of his novel, Ridley Scott said "cut!" for the last time and, exactly a month later, Running Blade's story was starting. You can reach one of the four endings by following these steps:

Ending One ("The Eternal Dreamer"):
Answer "yes" to Sarah. Tell her "please answer" when she receives a phone call.
Ending Two ("Tears and Rain"):
Answer "yes" to Sarah. Tell her "please don't answer" when she receives a phone call.
Ending Three ("Blush Response"):
Answer "no" to Sarah. Answer "I don't know her name" when the Running Blade ask about your mother's name. Or you can answer "Her name is on my documents" and then declare "I really can't remember" when asked for the second time.
Ending Four ("Fired"):
Answer "no" to Sarah. Answer "Her name is on my documents" when the Running Blade ask about your mother's name. When she gives you a hint about a name that can be found on a document written by your "father", answer "Yes, I can remember now".
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