Free sprites (2G collection) + NEW sprite

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Free sprites (2G collection) + NEW sprite

#1 Post by Sharane » Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:09 pm

Hello there,

I was thinking what the game creator could need concerning the sprites and except the different face expressions, I realized that there is something more. Various clothes, chibis, portraits etc. So I decided to make a collection for each sprite... For now only with two "fashion styles" but I would like to add another things to these collections in future.

So let me introduce you the two young ladies - Amelie and Laura.
Please, take them as a christmas gift :)

- of course, you can change names, colours, size
- don´t use them in hentai or in the other kind of erotic games, as well as in yaoi or yuri, please
- credit me - Sharane
- I would be glad if you let me know you use my sprites in your game because I would like to play it :)


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