Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

Assets originally posted in the creative commons forum that are not actually CC or Public Domain. Use at your own risk.
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Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#1 Post by AsterX » Mon Jan 06, 2014 1:03 am

Hi, I'm new to the forum but I was looking around and found some VN materials so I wanted to share them.
I've read the terms for each site and I think they are usable (most with just crediting) but I might be wrong....

For this site, go under the items tag and you'll find the material they have. I tried reading the terms in english and I think they said that the stuff can be used but not edit....sorry, not sure. As for terms, I think it's to give credit but there's no mandatory need to report when we use it.
Note: If you click on that little cardboard box after getting to the items tag, you'll see the material there.

This second one is mainly sprites. But I think it's usable with credit. I tried to find the terms for crediting and stuff but didn't see anything. It seems to be included in the file when you download the sprites. It has mostly fantasy themed sprites.

There are two male sprites, one female and a couple CG for each male. I think it's usable with credit based on the terms but it was sort of confusing so again, feel free to read it and judge for yourself. ... c39fe.html

There's three male sprites here which are really nice (at least I thought they were pretty cute =D). Again, the terms seem to be credit if used but nothing about reporting directly to them. You can read it yourself

Seems to be credit when use. There's two male and one female sprite here:

Sprites and a background:
I think these ones you credit and might need the tell the creators you're using it. Tried translating the term to english but it was still unclear.

background, sprites, voice (?):
This one is also credit but again, please read the terms yourself because I'm not certain

bedroom background and mostly modern style ones, credit with source, the terms are listed around the same area (I used google translate and found which tab was for materials and terms so please use that if you're confused)

Lots of unique backgrounds, seems to restrict processing but you can use with credit

lots of photos, I can’t find the terms but they seem to be free and usable with credit (I’m really not sure about this one)

Seems to be use with credit and looks like it can be used for commercial games too ... index.html

And this last one is from pixiv and these are really nice backgrounds so please check them out (they're very pretty). There's not any clear terms except use for non-commercial projects but even if they're not usable, um they're great references too? :P ... a=bookmark

Sorry if I sound uncertain but I don't want to make a mistake and misinform you guys about anything so I would rather you read the terms yourselves than listen to me :|
Hope this helps with your VN making and stuff! I know I can be a bit lazy sometimes and would rather use pre-made sprites than make my own (still needs to improve my drawing skills...) so I'll be looking around and give everyone a notice if I find anything else.
If this is posted in the wrong place or if I should have posted this somewhere else, sorry! I didn't see any posts sharing links often so I don't know if this is right or not :oops:

Edit: I changed the title to something more descriptive. I put 'non-commercial' since most of the sites had terms that seem to mention these were for non-commercial uses.

Edit 2: Updated with a couple more links to background material because I realized I mostly shared sprites
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Re: Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#2 Post by A2_Eater » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:38 pm

Wow, very useful! Thank you for sharing these :)

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Re: Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#3 Post by silverpikachu99 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:45 pm

Thanks a bunch for these~!!
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Re: Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#4 Post by PyTom » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:18 pm

Moved into the art section because these aren't creative commons.
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Re: Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#5 Post by Juneberry » Wed Jan 08, 2014 5:34 pm

Thanks for the links. Those sites are pretty awesome :D

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Re: Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#6 Post by Alte » Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:57 pm


[Sprites/Backgrounds/System Graphics/Sound Effect/Et Cetera]

Terms of Use (please read)

Note- (The first few background links appears to be incorrect, here's the link fix.)
Edit: The first three links are intended to be broken due to an error with the download. But the fourth link is working.



[Fantasy themed characters]

Standing picture set vol. 1, size: 480x640
-9 characters have many expressions, 8 only have 1 expression
-format: png

Standing picture set vol. 2, size: 600x800
-4 men, 5 women, all have different expressions
-format: png

For use [from the readme]

It is a free material, but not waived from copyright.
Please refrain from sales and own remarks secondary distribution, the material itself.
I shall conform to the rules of image and audio material data collection of Udita official site (Wolf RPG Editor) Terms and Conditions of the other.
It is encouraging when you can also contacted by post in advance when in use.

Processing (Modification) is allowed.

Example of Wolf RPG Editor: User Agreement


This collection of material was created in the WOLF RPG Editor for.
Others, game production of original programs, such as work Maker,
It can also be used in applications other than flash game production, such as the screen saver.
In addition, there is no limit commercial, non-commercial, for the Contest, etc. for use.

For commercial sales and distribution of secondary raw material

It means "to put on their site and bulletin board for the purpose of distributing material" to ban this material for the raw secondary distribution.
Sale of material of this collection of material is prohibited.


ゲーム製作に使えそうな素材達 (2008)

[photographic backgrounds, character materials]

Note: characters are not transparent

Terms of Use
-Can be used for all ages to adult
-Report (optional)



[three males]


[Need Matters]
This material has become a link wear.
I hope the copyright notice in case certainly available.
In describing the game as HP site, the readme.txt, etc., please refer to the following.

And providing Name / management: "! Byieru declaration Cyber portion"
(You do not need to mention individually management person's name)
· URL:
Banner URL:


· I do not give up copyright. Please refrain from self-made remark.
· Please do not re-distribution of the material itself, the resale.
(It does not include the distribution of the game with this material)
· This is the material available at the creative coterie.
Please refrain from the use of commercial purposes.
· Please refrain from replacement parts and synthesis of other materials like.
(Individual use itself in the game is not included in this)

The [site or blog that can not be used]
And commercial site (companies and individuals), affiliate site
Multi, blind Commercial Code, Commercial Code and similar manual sales
(18 prohibition of two-dimensional and creative. Coterie except only Namamono), dating, religion Erotic
(Use, such as those complicit in the crime is prohibited)

You do not need to report when available, but is very glad if you can.
The added draw or color change, was cut out, ... custom such as resizing Please feel free to.




-Standing picture is 300x480
-Background 640x480 (only forest)

User Agreement

- Copyright、「弥音」
- non commercial
- no modification
- redistribution as a material is strictly prohibited.
- I am glad if you can also link to this site.

As the presentation of copyright
Thank you.

[scroll down there's two links, I accept the terms / I don't accept]



[backgrounds, voice, character somehow generator]

Terms of Use (backgrounds)

- games, comics, novels
- age limit
- background illustration for personal use
- modification


- Politics, religion, Hentai, adult, illegal sites
- Re-distribute the material
- Redistribution by processing other materials
- Use of personal purposes other than educational materials, such as non-commercial coterie
- Such as using a public office in the photo content to criticize political

- Display of copyright name [Unyo]

User Agreement (Voice)

- age limit
- use of variety medium
- modification

- Re-distribute the material
- Redistribution by processing other materials
- Use of report

- Display of copyright name [Unyo]

User Agreement (Standing picture)

- age limit
- modification

- Re-distribute the material
- Redistribution by processing other materials
- Use of report

- Display of copyright name [Unyo]



Background Materials (format- jpg, size: 640x480)

Prohibited matter-

■ Please do not direct link to the image.
I leads to server burden.

■ Acts redistribute the background material itself, exhibition, and to record. (Is the material itself.)
Exhibition of post-synthesis, distribution is acceptable.

Use matters-

■ You can use free, share, even the work of either.

■ It can be used by processing the material freely when you want to use.

■ It does not matter the age limit, the genre.
It can also be used, such as illustrations and combined with the illustrations in the game other than the background.

■ sales and magazine described the game is free, such as using the material.

■ For use report
You do not need a particular contact, but if you can write towards the guest book
I will link from the side of the links.

■ About Copyright
I'm don't abandoned copyright, please provide the notation material source, as can be seen.

■ I do not take responsibility in me any troubles, even if caused by the materials used.

■ it does not fall under the request of the material.

■ Material that is published is the one you created in the game for the caretaker.

■ I may remove, subject to change without notice material.

■ Because there is a case to change, to be added without prior notice Terms and Conditions

Please check before using.


Homepage (material entry is the first image on the right)

Scroll down, the table with the numbers are where the materials are from.

[CG, illustration background, decorative frame, overseas photos, japan photos*]

* Listed because it is source of trouble as it is without permission, such as photography and blog and I'm fine this site has been obtained basic inquiry and written permission, please be careful with respect to photography

[high resolution photo/ CG, animal stock photo, etc...]

Direct Link / commercial use without permission / no processing secondary distribution prohibited


RUTA (Free Photo Material)

[Categories: School, Neighborhood, City, Night view, Nature, Special I (shrine temples, public facilities, bridges, towers, large building), Special II (big buildings, hotels), Holiday events, Store, Costume drama (streets, castle, samurai home, old houses), Vehicle, Prop, Effect, Frame, Workpiece, Material.

Note: To access to the photos click on the category, after doing so (IGNORE the ads from the center screen) follow the sidebar navigation on the left.

Terms of Use

- modification
- background for game, cartoon, homepage, novel

- redistribution

Attribution (not mandatory)


FUNKY☆CANDY ... index.html

[Stock Photos, Illustration material, Sound effects/ Voice, Background image, system material]

The materials are copyrighted to 有我悟. (Aliga Satoru)

● Terms of Use ●

- Please use your free game, illustrations · Web · etc. ...

- Eroge · BL · derivative works and commercial, is all OK.

- However, for problems that arise from material use, I can not take responsibility on our side.

● "Prohibited" ●

- Don't direct link to the material

- Redistribution

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Re: Links for non-commercial free sprites, backgrounds, etc

#7 Post by effenelle » Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:20 pm

thank you both AsterX and Alte for your hard work :D
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Thanks everyone!

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