Mirena's Sprites, Two Females (Creativity-Unlimited) & Extra

Assets originally posted in the creative commons forum that are not actually CC or Public Domain. Use at your own risk.
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Mirena's Sprites, Two Females (Creativity-Unlimited) & Extra

#1 Post by Alte » Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:58 pm

Terms of use:
-Credit "Mirena" and put a link to the site-
-These character sets are only for use in noncommercial projects
-You may not edit the characters in any way
-You may not claim the images as your own

Now that that's been said, have fun with the character sets. I hope you will be able to put them to good use!

Image format: png
Image size: 351x512

Description: A girl with purple hair, holding a bunny. (5 expressions)
(605.1 KiB) Downloaded 111 times
Description: A blonde woman. She's a bit mysterious maybe? (4 expressions)
(406.12 KiB) Downloaded 98 times
Note: While the website doesn't look available it would be appreciated to follow the terms as stated.


Originally from this thread, although I re-uploaded here for convenience.

Terms of Use
- Non-Commercial
- Editing is allowed
- Credit "JayJoon"

5 basic expression, normal+happy+angry+sad+laugh
(15.8 MiB) Downloaded 35 times

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