Using The Sims to make backgrounds?

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Using The Sims to make backgrounds?

#1 Post by celebhwesta » Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:33 pm

I'm curious if anyone else has thought of this. The thing is, the EA EULA allows custom content, and EA has never raised a fuss over people uploading screenshots/videos of the game/gameplay--hell, there's a whole hobby centered around using the game to create and tell stories (with tools built into the games to make this easier). Granted, you would never really own your backgrounds, and EA probably COULD decide to get upset about them at some point, but it isn't very likely--especially if credit is given. Obviously it would be a bad idea to do it in a game that wasn't free, but they might not even care about that--The Sims Resource still exists and has a very cordial relationship with EA in spite of charging for custom content that the EULA specifically states can't be charged for.

It's pretty quick to make screenshots look less obviously Sim-y, too:
I just used an ink sketch effect. It's also amazing being able to take shots of the same room/area from multiple angles.

I actually have a lot that I've done and would be willing to share (knowing that most of the shots I took from the rooms I put together--which took some time--will, at best, be used once, makes me feel like it wasn't worth the trouble), but I'm not sure what this site's policy on that would be since it isn't public domain and I don't technically own any of it.

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Re: Using The Sims to make backgrounds?

#2 Post by Alte » Tue May 19, 2015 12:56 pm

There's two discussions about using Sims as backgrounds if that answers your curiosity.

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