Some Free Sprites

Assets originally posted in the creative commons forum that are not actually CC or Public Domain. Use at your own risk.
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Some Free Sprites

#1 Post by RumRat » Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:55 pm

So I've made these a few years back, but dropped the project they were intended for shortly after and they were left unused. Figured someone might find a use for them here.
Completely free, you may credit me if you wish but it's not necessary.

If you use these in your game, I'd love to check it out so please let me know! :D

(The characters were never named so i put them under random nicknames XD)

These two have two outfits each and a blushing, closed eyes, and glancing to the side variation for each of the 4 expressions:

Image Image
Image Image

This one is very, very old, don't know if anyone can find a use for it; One outfit, 6 expressions:


If you specifically need an expression they don't already have, let me know and I might add it for you.

Might add more sprites once I rummage through my old files.

Hope I did this right, I'm new and it's my first post to the forum. :"D
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