FREE TO USE: BG sitting room

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FREE TO USE: BG sitting room

#1 Post by ell » Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:39 pm

I´m not a professional artist, so I had no idea how to do what here :P. But if you like it, feel free to use it :). (And I don´t know if this is a living room or a sitting room. Really, what´s the difference? And that´s an actual question. xD )

Resolution: 800x600 pixels (just so you know ;) )
Also, if you do use it, send me a link of the game :D. I´d like to see it :P.
You are free to change anything on the picture :).

Added night version :)
NOTE: The stairs are pushed to the wall, but the ladder is painted on it :).

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