choice4genesis - a ChoiceScript clone for the Sega Genesis

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choice4genesis - a ChoiceScript clone for the Sega Genesis

#1 Post by haroldoop » Thu Sep 29, 2022 6:43 pm


This is a ChoiceScript clone that generates Sega Genesis ROMs. If can be used for visual novels or simple multimedia presentations.

It takes a bunch of scripts and images and, from that, it generates SGDK-compatible .c and .res files. Those are then compiled into a Sega Genesis compatible ROM, which can be run on an emulator or even on real hardware.

The syntax of the scripts is somewhat based on ChoiceScript, but it is not exactly the same.

Page on
Github repo:

Transpiler for version 0.5.0: ... ndalone.7z
Example ROM: ... mo.rom.bin
Standalone distribution for version 0.5.0: ... ndalone.7z

Video for version 0.4.0:

Example script:

Code: Select all

* font " - Hourglass font.png"
* background "Blue Hedgehog.png"

* create intVar, 1
* create boolVar, true
* temp localInt, 2

* set localInt, intVar + 3

* create playingMusic, false

* choice
	* if playingMusic
		# Stop the music
			* stop music, sound
			OK, music is stopped.
			* set playingMusic, false
	* elseif FALSE
		This should not appear
		This should not play
		* music "Actraiser - Fillmore.vgm"
	* else
		# Play some music
			* music "Actraiser - Fillmore.vgm"
			OK, playing Fillmore, from Actraiser.
			* set playingMusic, true
	# Play a voice
		* sound "ready.wav"
		OK, playing a digital voice.
	# Show a smiley
		* image "Smiley.png", at(30, 3)
		OK... showing a smiley!
	# Fourth choice
		This is a test.
		Second line.
		Third line.
		* choice
			# Yet another choice
				You chose this.
			# One more choice
				You chose that.
	# Increment a number
		* set intVar, intVar + 1
		The value is now ${intVar}!
	# Go to another scene
		* goto_scene test

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