ONscripter vs KAG3 vs Renpy + My note + More nice info !

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ONscripter vs KAG3 vs Renpy + My note + More nice info !

#1 Post by dineko » Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:49 am

Well after my earlier problem of Wondering if onscripter can run widescreen and the answer is NO!
Well technically it can if you're willing to modify it.
I've also been messing around with Kirikiri and here's what I see about the two engines.
(On a unrelated note. Onscripter will sometimes stretch to fullscreen ,no idea why.

-Cannot play widescreen.
-Graphics have to be predefined.
-Lacking in functionality.
-Excellent word wrap
-NOT the second most famous vn engine in japan anymore.(it isn't used much anymore.)
-Can run on a potato
-The coding can be a little confusing.
-The english version hasn't been updated in 4 years or something.

NScripter had a 2015 new release however it does not have support for english word wrapping

Notable games made with it- Umineko,Higurashi,Rose gun days.
The newly released trianthlogy uses a modded version of Nscripter.

edit4-I made a widscreen 1280x720 version of ONscripter you can find it in the "other visual novel engines" topic


-The image don't need to be defined one by one,you can change a setting which does it for you.
-Can be run in any screen size you want.
-Using Macros you can create very cool stuff and change stuff instantly (Something I havent seen in Renpy or Onscripter. )
-The word wrap is a bit meh,but it works.
-Has a whole ARMY of plugins jesus! (eg- Rain,ogg vorbis plugin,emote,Live 2d,snow,sprite filters etc....)
-Hard to find documentation on english,But i made a fully functional game with my kickass Japaneese skiils, complete with animated sprites and flying cats.
-I think you can make anything with it Using its inbulit programming language "TJS2"
-You can edit those TJS2 files and edit the whole engine to your will!
-Coding is easier than NScripter
-Frequently updated on Github.

games made with it = Dracuriot,Kara no shoujo (english port),True rememeberance,Fate series,and a LOT of eroges.

-scripting is simple
-Has a active community where you can ask all the questions you want about it.
-Can be run in any screen size you want.
-Support for other languages(something kiri kiri doesn't have)
-The word wrap is a awesome.
-If you know python you can code it directly into renpy.
-There is documentation in english.(and I think there was a book too.....)

Notable games made with it-Lucid9,Katawo shoujo,Homewards.

Edit-Mangagamer also ported kiss for the petals-Remembering how we met." with renpy.

So what do you guys think,Which one do you think is the best.

Edit-This is all coming from a person with a year of experience on the Three engines and fully functional games made on both.

Coding and Scripting in expamples!


To show a sprite
*first you need to define it
-stralias beach,":a;custom\o_beach_1ac.png"
stralias nagisaangry,"custom\nagisa\nagisa angry 0.png"

*then show it with this command
-ld l,nagisablush0,22
ld c,nagisaconfused0,22


*if your'e displaying english text you need to put them inside `text `

*define the sprite
-Kaito happy ="image/kaito.png"

*show it
-show kaito happy at left

-you need to put them inside ""

KiriKiriZ + KAG3
*you don't need to define it.

*show it
-[image storage="kei1_Majime2_2.png" layer=3 page=fore visible=true pos=rc]

-Write it directly into the script.

-Drag and drop.

The hierachy

KirikiriZ+KAG3 = Renpy >Nscripter2015 >ONscripter-en > Japaneese ONscripter = Catsystem2 > Yuukinovel

(Tyranobuilder uses KAG framwork and Tyranoscript which disqualifies it from this list)
Yuukinovel ,Cat system 2 ,Nscripter 2015 have NO SUPPORT FOR -1 byte chracters (bloody english)


Out of all the engines I reccomend

Renpy / Kirikiri = For making stunning and complex games (simple too!)

ONscripter/Nscripter2015 = For making games with very little amount of scripting
eg-For loading sprite you put
lsp ,POS ,TAG

Catsystem 2 = For making japaneese vns you can display english text but it will have to look look this
eg-[Hello!] [My] [name] [is][Dineth][Mallawarachchi.] (my real name :wink: )

so yeah it sucks and is very time consuming.

Tyranobuilder = For making very simple visual novels with few choices
(it sucks in my opinion)

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