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game maker studio VN object

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 1:23 pm
by KimiYoriBaka
One of my friends and I recently made this GM:S object that handles dialogue and defaults to a typical ADV style. It uses a mini-scripting language in separate files that can be written in whatever simple text program you want (I've been using notepad), which are then imported and processed when the game loads. There's various reasons for this, including allowing minor changes without recompiling and more easily supporting resolution changes, but the biggest benefit is probably the writer not needing to be good with game maker.

The object itself supports up to 2 character sprites to be automated (for more, functions can be added to put up extra sprites and such) and a simple textbox that can be moved and/or replaced with a custom image. it also supports simple menus made of text buttons and/or image buttons. It also has rollback, skipping either all or only what's read (it automates the read data too), and text substitutions on the fly. It doesn't have a built-in quick menu though, since it is designed for integration with conventional games.

To be clear, I'm posting this just in case there's anyone on this forum who wanted to use game maker specifically. I figure if there's people who found a Unity3d module for VN's useful, someone might find a game maker one useful too. For pure VN's, this engine is far inferior to Ren'py. However, it may be good for hybrids that use too complex or real-time of gameplay to be easily implemented in Ren'py.

It's posted on the GM:S marketplace under the name "Versatile Novel" with a small price tag (at least in comparison to the price tag for GM:S itself): ... tile-novel

Re: game maker studio VN object

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:00 pm
by firecat
its a good start but without the HTML5 you be losing to many other ones including renpy.