My CUSTOM modded ONscripter widescreen version.

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My CUSTOM modded ONscripter widescreen version.

#1 Post by dineko » Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:18 am

Two weeks ago I made a thread asking anyone if they knew how to make ONscripter run in 'true' widescreen.(I found out it can't it can't ) but I didn't give up! I went wild with a hex editor and made it run in widescreen
dont use it to translate old games
But if you need to make your own game good like

ps-the resouloution is 1280x720 if you need a another resouloution mail me.
pss-If anyone needs any help with Kirikiri(whick is honestly better than it) mail me.

Download link ... sp=sharing

NScripter 2015 command reference(which can be used with ONscripter) ... sp=sharing

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