Other jp vn Engines.

For discussion and support of other visual novel engines.
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Other jp vn Engines.

#1 Post by dineko » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:28 pm

We all know about Nscripter and Yu-ris, but here are some engines you've probably never heard of.

Suika 2

A very simple vn engine, even more simple than Renpy. It can be run on Mac, Linux , Windows.
The downside is you can't do anything overly complex. Also it's very light and can be run on even the oldest of pc's. Unfortunately it struggles to word wrap english text.

Check it out- http://luxion.jp/s2/dl.html

Adv ++

A power full and complex engine. cannot word wrap english text. It's probably the most powerfull japaneese engine

check it out- http://www.yox-project.com/jp/adv_ppp/download.htm

Cat system 2

All I had to say on the previous one...

check it out- http://cs2.suki.jp/download

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Re: Other jp vn Engines.

#2 Post by akareed » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:59 pm

Oh, thanks for this! I've never heard of Suika 2 before, it's interesting how they updated it just recently after such a wide date gap.

There's also:
R9 - http://r9game.com/
Livemaker - http://www.livemaker.net/

There's a list of game-making engines in freem! [http://www.freem.ne.jp/contents/create/tool.html]
[ADV] tag are for engines that focus on Visual Novel-making, and [無料] are for the free downloadable software.
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