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Elementari: Interactive Books Maker

#1 Post by nikoko » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:22 am

Hi everyone!

Elementari is an online platform that aims to promote reading, writing, and programming through the creation of visual interactive stories. We want to make it easy for even kids to create visual novels/interactive books that include illustrations, sounds, animations, quizzes, variables, conditionals, and logic easily. Stories can then be published and shared to be read on all devices. Creating stories will always be free.

I have just created a demo story built on Elementari.
(So far 83% of readers have chosen cookies as their snack)

About Artists: We are looking for partnerships with artists (for backgrounds, characters, sound effects). In exchange for allowing people to use their art on Elementari (it's also impossible to "right click save as"), we provide them with detailed analytics on how their art is used. For example, they can see what books use their art, how often it is used, how many times it has potentially been viewed, etc. Later, we will profit share with partnered artists and writers.

Creating the layout uses drag and drop (similar to PowerPoint). Each page then has an visual coding event graph where you can "code" your events.
Example tutorial on how to change costumes/expressions (https://www.elementari.io/blog/tutorial ... -costumes/)

Technology Stack: HTML5

Additional features: In depth analytics of each book and support for skeletal animations (made with Spine) and sprite animations.

I would love to hear what you think!

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