Transferring Renpy Project to Unity

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Transferring Renpy Project to Unity

#1 Post by amaturemanga » Mon May 20, 2019 8:07 pm

Recently i decided to transfer to renpy project over to unity. And build the entire the gui but im confused about something in the settings for the renpy gui it has skip options but i have no idea what some of these skip options skip they are Unseen Text, After Choices, and Transitions. Transitions is obvious it skips transitions but idk what unseen text or after choices actually skips so im stumped how start coding it in c#.

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Re: Transferring Renpy Project to Unity

#2 Post by Imperf3kt » Mon May 20, 2019 8:35 pm

Unseen text is text a player has not seen, in other words, the unread part of the story.

After choices means if you were skipping, then a choice menu appears and you make a selection, it continues skipping. (default behaviour would mean you'd have to manually start the skipping again)
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