Naninovel for Unity (no nodes)

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Naninovel for Unity (no nodes)

#1 Post by ketskari » Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:13 pm

I did a search and didn't find anything on this one in the forums, but apologies if there is a repeat thread.

Anyway, Naninovel is a recent visual novel tool for Unity, very user friendly, you write in a text editor like with Ren'py while getting the benefits of Unity.

Comparison from my experience:
I've tried a couple other options for making visual novels in Unity... UTAGE , Fungus and Dialogue System. The first uses spreadsheets, which I didn't like much... lots of scrolling and spreadsheet software is often laggy. But otherwise fully featured. Maybe it's better if you use MSWord (I was using LibreOffice). Fungus uses nodes, which I find makes editing lots of text after it's in the game unwieldy, personally I edit constantly, even at the very last stages, so nodes just don't work for me. Dialogue System, though full of features, uses nodes like Fungus.

So Naninovel is great if you like writing like you do in Renpy. It's still in Beta, but getting close and regularly updating with new features, including a rollback feature which not a lot of Unity dialogue/ visual novel systems do.

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