Background Artist(s) needed for Elysian Days [closed]

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Background Artist(s) needed for Elysian Days [closed]

#1 Post by Reikun » Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:48 am

Hi! I'm back on behalf of the team behind Elysian Days. Elysian Days is a GxB/G fantasy VN that takes place in the land of Elysium, where centaurs, humans, and horses live in relative harmony. I am looking for a background artist (one or two) to help finish up the CGs and BGs for this project since I'm no longer able to.

Current Asset status:
  • - 4/6 CGs are colored except for their backgrounds
    - 4/4 Background sketches ready to be illustrated/painted over
    - All sprites are done
    - 90% sure story/scripting is done but I will update as soon as writer gets back to me!
Job Details:
  • Job A - Add backgrounds to the Character CGs. Backgrounds can be minimal/more abstract (I will discuss specific details with the artist). You will only be responsible for the FOUR CGs that are ready for their backgrounds.
    Job B - FOUR background illustrations at 1280x720 resolution based on sketches. Artist is free to work off the sketches directly and make changes as they see fit.
I am looking for:
One or Two artists for these jobs. One person can take both jobs if they wish.


Job A choose one, Job B choose two
- Logo for your game or studio [sample 1] [sample 2]
- Promo art for your non-commercial game [sample 1]
- Non-commercial, personal use illustration [sample 1] [sample 2]
- Writing up to 20k words from Funnyguts [sample 1] [sample 2] [sample 3] [sample 4]
- CG lineart for your non-commercial game (2 max) [sample 1] [sample 2]

Job B can double down on any option except Writing.
**If you choose to do both Jobs A & B we can discuss the terms of the trade from among the above options.

All art trade offers are from me (Reikun)!

Thanks for reading!! I hope you'll consider working with us ^___^ Feel free to ask questions if something is unclear!

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Re: Background Artist(s) needed for Elysian Days [Skill Trad

#2 Post by Funnyguts » Sat Oct 18, 2014 6:16 am

Hey, I'm one of the writers and organizers of the game. I didn't have a chance to let Rei know the status of the writing before the post went up, but for those who want that information: the writing is mostly done save for a few scenes, and the majority of editing that remains involves setting up events within routes properly. This coming week I'll be working on a playable (if messy) build. I hope to be done with editing by the end of the month, save for any small tweaks that come from adjusting to the art.
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