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Re: ★★★~NaNoRenO 2015 Recruitment Thread~★★★

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:54 am
by Geckos
Looking for a musician and/or sound effect artist for a horror visual novel!

We are creating a sequel to our game: The Phantom Icecream Truck for this nanoreno.

We already have the art, coding, ui and writing covered, and we are in the process of finding voice actors for the game. If any musicians or sound effect artists are available and would like to help with this small project, please contact me!

It is 16 pages long, written in script format so it's fairly short.
Things we would ideally want:
Two or 3 short to mid-length songs that are tense and build tension/panic (1 to 3 minutes). Examples can be given if needed.

Sound effects:
Faint, vague chatter as though from a tv.
Clicking like that of scissors or blades hitting one another.
A few other creepy noises like a creaking/screeching door.

We would also need 1 line of voice edited to sound as though it is coming through a telephone.
Either contact me via PM on here, or send an email with examples of your work to

Attached are some samples of the designs already drawn up for the game.

In trade I would not mind sketching a few character concepts for anyone who would like to collaborate with me! either for nanoreno or for something else.

We were able to find some awesome people to fill these rolls!

Re: ★★★~NaNoRenO 2015 Recruitment Thread~★★★

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:10 pm
by Lizts

Re: ★★★~NaNoRenO 2015 Recruitment Thread~★★★

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:30 am
by davisan
Currently unavailable. I'm in a project now.

Hello guys!
I almost forgot this NaNoRenO! Sooo this is my first one!

I would like te help doing some 2D/3D Art and/or Music.
I already made a lot of normal games in game jams (global game jam, ludum dare and others).

Here's a sample of my art:
My music:
My previous games:

Re: ★★★~NaNoRenO 2015 Recruitment Thread~★★★

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:15 pm
by Alphas
Our group is currently looking for a Musician for our NaNoRenO project entitled "Monster."

Our project will mostly feature dark themes and a dark atmosphere in general, so if you're a musician who's willing to work with us, then please send me a PM.

Thank you!

Re: ★★★~NaNoRenO 2015 Recruitment Thread~★★★

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:13 pm
by Rozume
Hi! I'm Roz and I decided to enter NaNo late. :'D I have a project in mine called boy; it's a friendship story about a high school girl trying to figure out who this boy in her class really is. It also deals with the touchy subject of male rape victims.

It's going to be a short visual novel, about 6-8k words, with choices that define the MC's personality.

What I'll be doing:
  • All the Writing
  • All the Sprites (2-3)
  • All Programming
What I need:
  • A GUI Artist
  • An Editor
  • A Proofreader
What I would like to have, but it's not neccessary:
  • A background artist (there will be 4 Backgrounds: a classroom, a cafeteria, a library, and a playground)
  • A Composer (2-3 tracks)
If interested, PM me or contact me on twitter! ^^