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Project looking for more

#1 Post by Khadrian » Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:03 pm

Hello everyone, I'm Khadrian.
I'm currently working on a short series of kinetic novels that serve as a bit of a prequel to a larger future visual novel, and I'm looking for potential partners. [feel free to skip ahead to see what positions we're looking for]

What We're Making
Though I called it a "series" of kinetic novels--which is technically accurate--it's effectively one story viewed from 3 different perspectives. Our protagonist tells the story while being shown the memories of the three people who had the most influence and interaction with him. The memories are meant to bring the protagonist back from the cusp of nonexistence, and the common route of the main story will be his memories starting a few years after the kinetic novels.

But What's it About?
The story involves "amnesia" and Japan. For anyone still reading, thanks for not closing the page just now. You're the best!
A "voice" wakes our protagonist, Kuragi Natsu, in a void where there is no light, sound, warmth, or smell, and he doesn't know who or where he is. Being told that his existence is fading, Natsu is shown the memories of those he was involved with in order to "solidify" his existence and bring back his own memories (Memories can't exist if the person they belong to doesn't, right?).
The memories belong to:

Koeyume Kana, a soft-spoken classmate who quit attending school do to bullying. After being convinced to come back by Natsu the two become close. As Kana gets closer to Natsu she starts to become afraid of the things she doesn't know about him, and fears his involvement in recent disappearances.

Inaba Kagura, a young shrine maiden from a cursed bloodline. The curse draws evil "ayakashi" to it, but the family was blessed by the goddess Inari with the power to defend themselves. Natsu displays a mysterious power similar to Kagura's in a subconscious attempt to protect her. Because Kagura's curse has always forced her to keep her distance from others she finds a unique alliance/friendship with Natsu who shares similarities.

Kogitsune Itsuko, a strange girl at odds with Kagura, who treats her like an "ayakashi", but who seems to support Kana and Natsu. Itsuko's story fills in the blanks, and serves as a small epilogue to prepare for the main story.

Who Are You Looking For?
Someone with knowledge or interest in Japan would be great, but as long as you're interested and willing to work together, that's fine too.

A bit ambiguous, as actual "writing" isn't necessary (but also acceptable should you wish to do so).
What I'm most immediately looking for is an idea bouncer who is interested in helping set the story flow and break the story into scenes. If you also want to write/proofread then we can discuss that.

Background Artist
Once again I'm making a bit of a collective title. While creating finished backgrounds would be great, I would like assistance in developing the town with quick sketches that will help future development. The setting is a small fictional town in Japan near/around a small mountain. The town is in the process of growth/development, so there are still some signs of being a small village.

This is it for now. If you're interested, or have questions, feel free to reply or send a pm.

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