In Desperate Need for a BG Artist!

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In Desperate Need for a BG Artist!

#1 Post by Fenrir34 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:56 pm

So I kind of lost my BG artist cause she got a lot of commissions, so I need to find a new one ;_;.

What I need is a background artist for my game Lynarsia. I've tried using the backgrounds I have but they just don't work. The game is fantasy and a GxG game. The sprites for the game are about fifty percent and I'm currently writing the prologue. What I need from the BG artist is someone who is willing to work hard and has a decent skill in background making. For more info on the game and what the art looks like go here ... 43&t=29761.

At the moment the game is set to be free, but a lot is going into it, so I might end up making it commercial. If so you will be paid for the help you give me =). As for the art I'm going to have quite a few backgrounds. Some will have day variations while others won't need it.

I need you to be in contact with me through email or Skype. If you'd like to share any ideas on the story or read what I've got please just ask. I really am eager to make this game come to life and my artist has worked really hard on the art, so please if you're willing to help take it to the next step that would be awesome! Hope to work with you soon =).

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