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Looking an Artist [Closed]

#1 Post by Llunet1 » Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:08 am

I will eventually ask for voice actors, later. But, for now we have enough writers and artists. Thank you!

Assistant Writer - 1/1
Artist/Assistant Artist - 2/2 (The more the better) - BADLY NEEDED
Musician - 0/1 (not high priority)
Voice Actors (I will contact you when the writing is ready)

Assistant writers/editors will help me with storytelling and delivery (and anything else they feel should be changed). I am unexperienced with murder mysteries though I think it will be fun. Being a murder mystery, please realize that there will be gore and violence. I plan to make some descriptions a bit uncomfortable to set the atmosphere.

Artists will help design and draw the sprites. There are a lot of sprites so I will try to assist as much as I can. I plan to do BGs, though if you are a BG artist and want to help, I have no problem in letting you do so. I am flexible with this and if you don't have time, you can be an assitant artist doing sketches or just doing inks or flat colors. This would all be fine and very helpful!
Please note that there is violence and perhaps violent CGs. You may have to draw blood, or at least you will see it in the game.

Blood is a rough outline at the moment, but that is why I'm looking to build a team. Thus far I have mostly worked on VNs alone (I am a programmer/writer/artist) but it takes me a long time, and honestly school life and murder mysteries are not my strong suit for writing. Then there's the whole, how to make the vampire bit sound less cliche and more natural.
This is a story I had a long time ago, but recently revamped and decided to make a VN.
I haven't created a forum page for it yet (because I want to work with others on this game I don't want to finalize anything I'm thinking of) but here's a basic plot:

Yuki Hollins is a dhampir, a half human, half vampire hybrid. He/She has spent his/her entire life (18 years) living in the human world with her human father. But, he/she decides to go to a private "co-ed" vampire University, which houses different bloodlines, in the underground city of Vaelen and embrance his/her vampire self. However, dhampirs are not well looked upon by vampires, and it may prove just as difficult to survive in the vampire world than the human one. Not only that, but recently there have been gruesome murders of vampire students and Yuki is the next target!

There is romance but the murder mystery takes precedent over it. Each romantic partner has his/her own "route" which becomes apparent later in the game. Yuki Hollins can be male or female, which changes dialogues and who will be friends with him/her. Some characters are straight, while others are bi, and others are completely homosexual. I'm hoping to have 6 guys and 6 girls (a lot of sprites, I know) with 2 teachers and a headmaster. I also hope for voice acting, though until the story is written out and the art is underway, it is not a priority. If you want to do voice acting though, even though it's a bit early, post here or send me a PM and I will contact you when the VN is ready for voice acting.
If you are a musician, I have never worked with a musician (though I have played piano for 10 years) and while I cannot compensate you I would be extremely grateful for that kind if help, though if need be I will use royalty-free music.

Assistant Writer 1/1
Artist/Assistant Artist 2/2 (the more the better) - BADLY NEEDED
Musician 0/1 (If there is anyone who would like to)
Voice Actors (I will message you when it is ready)

Please post here or PM me if you are interested. You can also email me at emmest@outlook.com
If you are part of the team I will contact you with Skype.

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