Looking for a few More Willing Participates

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Looking for a few More Willing Participates

#1 Post by Hourglass776 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:54 pm

I, Kris Soul Director of a Group that call ourselves Star Rank Studios, Would Like to call for help on a Romantic Visual Novel that we are currently looking for only few more willing and free partners to help us one Visual Novel Quest. Though the Positions maybe few they are very helpful to our current situations as We hoped to finish our first project by the end of this summer it may seem we may go past that. These Positions will be awarded to the people who can prove that they are capable and if willing to get along with others

The Positions we, at Star Rank Studios, are currently looking for are:

2 other Writers: Our Current Staff of Writers excluding myself is literally just one as another Writer has dropped out due to work related issues

At least 2 Editors: We me and the other writer have the skills to write but not correct ourselves as we are mostly busy with a day-to-day lives

1 Artist: We already have 2 artists, One working on Character sprites another on concept Art, We are looking for a artist experience with Anime-Like background to take the load off the other's back.

a Part time programmer: I and another writer will do most of the programming on Tyranobuilder but having some one else experienced with this program would be much appreciated.

Please Contact Via email or Skype if you like to apply

Email: Hourglass776@gamil.com
Skype: kris.soul87

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Re: Looking for a few More Willing Participates

#2 Post by PyTom » Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:12 pm

This thread is missing a few of things we require for recruiting threads:

1) An overview of the project, or a link to an overview. Recruitment threads that are not created for a specific project but generally for a company or organization of sorts ("headhunting threads") will no longer be allowed in this forum.

3) A description of what work has been completed on the project, if any.

Also, we require you to allow public discussion on this thread.
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