Kinou, Kyou, to Ashita no Girls

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Projects: Kinou, Kyou, to Ashita no Girls

Kinou, Kyou, to Ashita no Girls

#1 Post by Shirayukihime » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:38 am

Kinou, Kyou, to Ashita no Girls

"Ashita, mata aeru yo ne?"

Hi minna! ^ ^ About last year, I started an LN project, but the more I figured out where I wanted to go with the story, the more it looked like the concept for a VN instead.

A bit of a timeskip, but here we are. I decided some time ago that I really thought VN was the way to go, so I thought I'd make a rough demo and then start recruiting, but it turns out I'm actually terrible at coding, so I figured a demo like that would scare people away more than anything...

Instead, I'll share the story I've been building since last year. Hopefully, you find it interesting enough. ^ ^
Though April will end soon, I felt at that time that Sakura petals were dancing beside us.
The girl named Haruka--certainly, she herself, was Spring.

Our Spring had just begun.

At the end of April, surely, the Spring rain had yet to fall...for the both of us.
Under a thick blanket of clouds, I accepted the confession from the girl who smiled liked the Sakura themselves.

"Maeda-kun, your face is red." she looked amused, but I couldn't say anything back right away.
My face really did feel felt like my whole body was beating.
"Hn?" she looked up at my sudden words.
"S-since we're going out...Tadashi is fine." I turn to face her a bit more trying to look less nervous.
"Ufu." her cat-like smile now was something I never saw in the classroom...
"Then, I'll count on you to call me Haruka from now on. Okay, Tadashi-kun?" she giggled a bit and walked past me.
Turning around with the sun at her back--"let's go home, Tadashi-kun!"
I followed her into the setting sun under those dark clouds.

At the time, I really felt happy.

Behind the school, the Spring for just the two of us, began.

That's not really a prologue. It's more like a pilot...a proof-of-concept. It's from around the beginning of Haru: Haruka Route which is one of four heroine routes along with, of course, Natsu: Suzu Route, Aki: Yuki Route, and Fuyu: Kaori Route.

The story is set in Tokyo around the mid-2000s, where Maeda Tadashi (I gave the protagonist a name for convenience, but I'm willing to change it if there are better suggestions) is in his first year of highschool. He's generally a quiet guy who's sometimes prone to talking a lot in bursts. I have quite a few secondary characters like the comic-relief classmate guy friend, but for this first post, that's probably unnecessary, so I'll get to the main thing.

Each route takes place at a different time in Tadashi's first year. Kaori's route happens in winter, so supposedly, every other route should've already happened by then, but none of them least if you're in that route. Honestly, it isn't as different from an ordinary bishoujo game as it seems.

Each route has of course a different girl and season, but also a different genre, theme, and significance to the protagonist's character (and backstory).

Without cluttering this too much with details, Haruka's route is mostly a mystery with some action where it's important and a lot of flashbacks. There's a strong sense of something going on in the setting and in the characters' pasts being hidden. Spoiler alert, but Haruka's a yandere, and the rest are tsundere, dandere, amd kuudere in order of seasons.

Suzu's route is a psychological thriller with a lot of unreliable narration. The overall feel is mysterious in a different way from Haruka's, and there's a strong sense of nostalgia.

Yuki's route is a zany slice of life comedy where the majority of the secondary cast's screentime happens. It's probably the most orthodox story among the four since it's mostly about friendship and school life. The feel is really festive since it's...well...about their bunkasai.

Kaori's route is a romance drama straight out of Shinkai Makoto's secret files...well not really. This is where we really get into the fun stuff like desperation, emotional dependance, self-worth, etc...the fun stuff. Instead of a feel, this route has more of an atmosphere...cold like winter.

I guess I should keep the first post concise...details can always be talked about later if anyone's interested. Right now, I'm just a writer, so I'm mostly looking for a coder, an artist, and a composer. Of course, you're all very welcome to make those plural. ^ ^;

I actually already have a learning artist on the team, so if you're an artist, you can teach him a bit, and that'll help with your workload a lot...same with the composer actually. He's not really a beginner, so guide might be more accurate than teach.

Oh, and I'm open to other positions too of course. ^ ^;

Yoroshiku minna! ^ ^

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Re: Kinou, Kyou, to Ashita no Girls

#2 Post by Sorakun » Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:03 am

Sounds interesting, how much of the script/art do you currently have done?

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