Palm Tree Tribe (Romance,Horror,Crime) Recruitment

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Palm Tree Tribe (Romance,Horror,Crime) Recruitment

#1 Post by teaforthecynic » Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:38 pm

From the creator of Princess Pajama Speaks to Me:

"A maze of palm trees. A maze of short buildings and long roads. Don't you ever feel like your worthless? Don't you want more?"

Teenage smoker Arden Smith ( Alonso Betancor) finds himself on a family vacation in the suburban Floridian town of Sunny Palm. At least that's the excuse. He suffers from horrible trauma, caused by a shocking memory of a tragic past love, and a brutal murder. The days pass by, until the beautiful Simone Gail persuades him to join the teen outreach club. Martin Delacroix, a good looking and charismatic athlete, joins the club, quickly overthrows the past president, and turns it around. These directionless youths then attempt to find meaning by starting a small religion. But when a boy named Damien (Wiliam Halas) joins their ranks, Martins innermost tendencies are unlocked, and Arden and Simone are caught up in an increasingly heartless series of crimes.
What we need:

Art: Will need BG artist

Voice Acting:

Simone Gail


A beautiful and relatively easily fooled girl, who feels absolutely no direction, and shares a horrible relationship with her family.

Martin Delacroix


A Charismatic Cult leader, often good humored, but with deep murderous tendencies and emotional pain.

Sherry Hughes


Simone's best friend, humorous, and very dedicated. She joined the cult solely because of Simone.

Rick Adams


A gun obsessed, right wing, NRA loving, western watching guy, he is still rather charming, and interesting at times.

Jacob Leman


A rather nerdy type, the original president of the Teen Outreach Club, he is very kind, if not a bit arrogant. He is one of the first character's to die.

Becky Smith


Ardens Mother, rather ignorant of whats going on, but still very concerned about his well being.

Elena Brown


Ardens first love from Chicago, this girl was kidnapped by her drunk father. When Arden managed to get back to her, she was traumatized. This prompts him to become a killer.

Minor Characters


Elenas Father

Gun Shop Owner

Ardens Old Best friend, accidentally shot.
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Re: Palm Tree Tribe (Romance,Horror,Crime) Recruitment

#2 Post by Y.K » Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:32 am

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Re: Palm Tree Tribe (Romance,Horror,Crime) Recruitment

#3 Post by Ferdokki » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:02 pm

What kind of background art did you need (like what scenes and what art style)?

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