Passion Project is on a Thin line

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Passion Project is on a Thin line

#1 Post by Hourglass776 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:49 pm

Hello Everyone, My Name is Kristopher S. A. and I'm a Director and Writer for my group I have dubbly named 'Our Thought Bubbles' as this all start by putting thoughts together. This is more of a passion project than anything for me and this is something I want to do with all my heart and that's why I've came here today. I have spent 2 years trying to create a visual novel for the first time and its been a long bumpy one. Year 1 was filled of nothing but idea throwing and crumpled balls being thrown into a trash can until I was able to find a really good team among 'close' friends at the time. year 2 was me working on the first visual novel with said friends and we were almost complete too until one decide to betray me and take the entire group for her self leaving me with no one else and a crushed dream. Though the dream was crush I refused to let it die till this day. I have come with a opportunity as well a plead for help from some of best willing to give shot at helping me prefect this dream of mine as I'm starting to loose hope as well as my passion for this visual I refuse to let die out from some ones harsh betrayal.

The Current Story I'm working is one I have completely fleshed out its still in Scenario Planning. I was hoping to have more when I began Advertising but I'm beginning to tire out without any help from anyone but encouragement to keep going. The story goes as follows.

Our story start with a young boy who after trying to earn money to pay for his games meets a pair of twins, one boy and one girl, and a quiet girl in his neighborhood. After this fateful encounter they begin to grown together as a weird little posse. Years have passed when their friendship has grown close enough that they put each other before themselves. though after Asteroids from Saturn's belt get launched toward earth it has been said they shooting stars will be occurring for an entire months. The group decided to watch and record themselves together during all the nights of these star filled nights when some weird begins to happen. These shooting stars instead of granting their wishes for happy lives with each other they begin to fade away as nothing but trouble comes their way. Full blown arguments, secrets getting leaked, and Death tries to tear them apart. Its up to the boy to be the voice of reason to be able to hold this group of friends from tearing each others throats out.

I'm honestly not really far into production as I'm currently the only available to work on this right now. I've been working on this project for 5 months now and been getting sloppier and sloppier with each passing day. I'm still fleshing out characters and currently working on a timeline for the each and every scenario of the story.

Sense I'm currently the only one writing, I could always use more writers to help flesh out ideas and take my place in writing when I'm too fried out to work anymore. So anybody with experience would help a lot and I ask you send examples of your work before hand to my email at I will also need help with writing the script and much more after that as I will need other to research and study other visual novels to help see what we can do to make this visual novel real.

Artists are currently my biggest problem right now as I have a big order to be filled an have not found anyone willing to take that place at all. I'm asking for different Variations of 6 characters that are currently made for the story, three main characters, 1 other main character that will be killed off, and 2 side characters. The variations are significate as they all need their own body language and different kinds outfits. this a huge order I'm asking some one unfortunate to become apart of and take this role. I would like around three artists to have discuss around and polish each others work to make it almost perfect. Though I almost expect no one to take up this offer. Again I would like Examples through the same email above.

Music Composer and Sound editors are almost another big problem with this project. I have dealt with sound editing and music before as I've tried to become this one man production team until I soon realized I need people to make some good and not to overwhelm myself. if anyone is willing to let their skills to me I will not hesitate to be their debts for almost my entire life.

Graphic Designer will help with advertising and layout for this project more so anyone wanting to again lend their skills would be appreciated.

I know what anyone who would even look through this may think, "Wow this guy is asking soo much for almost nothing! What a cheapskate!! Why should I even help him at all?", and the Answer is no reason what so ever. Though I'm asking from the bottom of my heart as this is an Idea I don't want to let die and wither away like all the others. I have no money, no team, and No plan whatsoever for this project and on my final straw before I begin to doubt myself. I'm currently on the verge of tears as this project has taken soo much time from me that I want to put in more. So as my final Say I beg anyone and everyone who reads this to give this group a chance and help me finish this project and make it a beautiful as I hope it will be. Thank you and I hope all you find the perfect group for you. Have a nice day.
-Sincerely Kristopher A. S.

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