Reign of Vilihan (Fantasy / War VN, looking for all roles!)

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Reign of Vilihan (Fantasy / War VN, looking for all roles!)

#1 Post by suletama » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:34 pm

Hello! I propose to the lovely LemmaSoft forum a project that has been a brainchild of mine for probably two years now - it was supposed to be a NOVEL novel but I figured I'd love to do this project justice as a beautiful visual novel!
Reign of Vilihan is a lore-rich fantasy VN about a young elf named Caelren. Her entire world is at war - humans vs. what are called 'mythicals.' So the story will be full of elves, orcs, giants, vampires - every mythical creature under the sun. The mythicals have been in hiding from the humans for years, since the humans first attacked. The few mythicals that are left have created a home for themselves in the Alderan mountains. Their city is known simply as the Underground City. The population is small, and all of the mythicals have learned to live in peace with one another.

But the humans are an entirely different story. They aren't in peace with anything - they're determined to wipe out the mythicals once and for all, meaning the mythicals have to build up their forces and fight for their lives. The world is ruled by King Lucan, who truthfully means well. But he's terrified of mythicals, and he's sure that the world will be better off if they're completely wiped off the face of the planet. And so he's pulling out all the stops to destroy them.

And the mythicals are trying their best to build up their forces as well, so that they stand a chance. Because this land was theirs first, and they aren't going down without a fight.
Caelren is the main character of the VN, and she's an elf. Her role in the Underground City was that of a hunter/gatherer, though she's probably the clumsiest person in the world, and it's doubtful that she's the best person for the job, but she puts her all into it anyway. She comes off as harsh, but she has a heart that's far too big for her body. She's terrified of this war, and more than anything, she just wants it to be over.

Adrien is Caelren's best friend, who is also an elf. He's a worrywart, and an extremely loyal person. His role in the Underground city is also that of a hunter/gatherer, and he's quite a bit better at it than Caelren. Adrien and Caelren grew up together, and in Adrien's eyes, no one can possibly measure up to Caelren.

Sabine is a recently-turned vampire, who used to have the position of a noblewoman in her city before it was destroyed in the war. She was turned into a vampire by the vampires who attacked the city in an attempt to recruit more for their efforts. She can be quite pompous, and some might say she's full of herself. But her people loved her, and she loved them. She was entirely on the side of the humans - until humans killed one of her own. This'll be explained better to whoever writes Sabine's route!

Scarlett is the human princess. She's a fiery redhead with a psyche of steel. Her father, King Lucan, is a sickly, worrisome man, who saw his father killed by an elven infiltrator. Ever since, he's been terrified of mythical creatures, and has vowed for them all to be killed. And all Scarlett can do is support him. She loves her father, after all, more than she disagrees with his views.
Basically, I'm looking for every role under the sun. But this is going to be a massive project, so I'll need quite a lot of people. I'm hoping to make this a paid project in the future, but we'll have to see how development goes.

1. Two-three co-writers. I'll be picky. If you have a background in fantasy, I'll be delighted.
2. Two character sprite artists.
3. One-two background artists.
4. A GUI designer.
5. A programmer.
6. A composer.

Just so everyone knows - I have docs upon docs of lore and character sheets, so your jobs will all be pretty easy, as the background is really all written and planned out. But there's still a lot that needs to be decided.

If you want to help me out, be sure to drop me samples of your work. This project is my baby, and i just want people who will be dedicated. Thanks in advance for your interest!

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Re: Reign of Vilihan (Fantasy / War VN, looking for all role

#2 Post by [heh]Yuki-chan » Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:21 pm

Hello, I would like to help you write the story. I'm pretty experienced with fantasy, so if you still need a writer message me or tweet me ♥

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Re: Reign of Vilihan (Fantasy / War VN, looking for all role

#3 Post by fakhrul » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:09 pm

Hi, I am looking for experience to working in team. Can I join you and your team as junior/second programmer.

I am full stack web developer and programmer. I built platformer game using libGDX but did not publish because the bad art and and unfinished story. I did read renpy documentations and play a little with renpy code. I am not good in renpy yet, but I am good programmer. Giving time, I will do better.

For start, I can build a landing pages for the game.

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Re: Reign of Vilihan (Fantasy / War VN, looking for all role

#4 Post by Adhylia » Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:55 pm

Hi! I might be interested in joining your project as an artist - if you're looking for an anime-oriented artwork. But I don't know what kind of art style you're aiming for. Feel free to PM me if you're interested so that I can send you some samples; guess you'll judge whether I can be a good fit or not!

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