Lucid9 Visual Novel (Scenario Writers, Editors, BG Artist)

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Lucid9 Visual Novel (Scenario Writers, Editors, BG Artist)

#1 Post by DavidA. » Mon Sep 19, 2016 1:53 am

Overview of the Project:
Hello, everyone! My name is David, and I’m one of the writers and directors for Fallen Snow Studios. Our team has been together for two years now, and we’re currently working hard to develop the second part of the noncommercial, mystery/romance visual novel called Lucid9. The first part of the story, Inciting Incident, is currently available to download for free on Steam and We also have a partnership with Sekai Project to help promote the project.

If you would like to learn more about Lucid9, you can find our website here:

Available Positions:
We currently have five available positions:
Two Scenario Writers
Lead Editor
Technical Editor
Assistant Background Artist
General Requirements (for all positions):
~ An excerpt of previous work(s).
~ Willing to commit long term. We’re only looking for individuals who will take this project seriously and hold it as a high priority (aside from school, work, illness, etc).
~ Willing to volunteer since our project is noncommercial.
~ If you're applying as a writer or editor, it’s highly, highly encouraged you play through Lucid9: Inciting Incident. Estimated time of reading is 10+ hours. (download links here: ... ident.html
~ Autonomous. Actively seeks participation in all aspects of development.
~ Reliable. Can maintain strict confidentiality.
~ Promptness and good time management to work on a regular basis.
~ A good communicator. Keeps regular contact with the rest of the team. It’s required to have Discord (It’s a nifty, free program that you can either download or use in-browser:

Scenario Writers
Scenario writers are the foundation of the project, thus, it is one of the most demanding and important positions. Writers must—I repeat: must—be the most active members in the group, so we will not accept nor tolerate any sort of passive attitude under any circumstance. Art, music, and programming all rely on the direction of the writers, so we are looking for adept individuals with very good time management and leadership skills to take on such a large project. As such, it’s mandatory that the writers are able to fully commit themselves to assist in creating Lucid9, and holds the project as one of their highest priorities. Not only must they concern themselves with the story, but all aspects of development ranging from public relations, team management, and so forth.

A project without committed writers will eventually lead to its death.

Concerning the story, while most it has already been outlined, the writers will still have some creative liberty to outline their respective routes (Akira’s or Elizabeth’s) as well as provide any potential, reasonable suggestions to improve the overall quality of the story. Again, it goes without saying that the writers must familiarize themselves with every aspect of the project to ensure an understanding of the direction we are planning to take with Lucid9.

The writers must have a firm grasp of the English language and are able to adapt and maintain a consistent writing style. It’s also highly preferred that the writers have some knowledge and experience in story development ranging from character progression, themes, plot, conflicts, etc. Considering the number of writers we will have, it is imperative that each are able to adopt an open-mind to limit creative conflict.

Lead Editor
In a way, the lead editor will serve as a mentor. Since each route will have a different writer, they will work closely with the scenario writers to assist them in maintaining a consistent and interesting writing style throughout the story. We’re hoping to find an individual with good time management skills to effectively assist each writer during the writing process.

Same as the scenario writers, it’s also required that the lead editor becomes familiar with every aspect of the story to have a better understanding of the characters’ personalities, backstories, and progressions in order to effectively revise awkward dialogue, narration, and pacing. They also have the task of managing the other editors.

The lead editor must have a strong understanding of grammar and punctuation. It’s also preferred that the lead editor has a basic understanding of story development, and can potentially assist in writing if the situation calls for it.

Technical Editor
The technical editor is tasked to assist in correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. They will also
ensure that all of the script cues are correct. An understanding of programming language is not required, but it is recommended that they are able to take directions from our programmer in case the situation calls for it.

The technical editor must have a strong understanding of grammar and punctuation rules. It’s also preferred that the lead editor has a basic understanding of story development.

Assistant Background Artist
The assistant background artist will work alongside our sprite artists, Dizzy and Elphaze, to create backgrounds for the CGs. They will be guided by our lead BG artist, Yuuko, to ensure that CGs are consistent and aesthetically pleasing in presentation.

The BG artist must be knowledgeable in Photoshop, and can effectively adopt the current art style for Lucid9. Being able to develop a consistent art style is essential, therefore, it is preferred that recruits are skilled at both line art and coloring.

Developing Lucid9 is a long-term commitment. When all's said and done, we roughly estimate the entirety of the story will be around 50+ hours of reading. We at Fallen Snow Studios are all very passionate about this project, so we are hoping to find individuals who can share in our passion and assist us in creating a meaningful visual novel for others to experience. While we are unable to financially compensate you, we are able to provide testimonials that can potentially be used for a resume.

If you're interested in applying, please fill out the application form below. We will not accept any submissions if they are sent to us any other way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our recruitment thread! Be sure to leave any questions or comments down below. We look forward to your submissions.


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Re: Lucid9 Visual Novel (Scenario Writers, Editors, BG Artis

#2 Post by Eight Rooks » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:03 am

Interesting! Wasn't expecting this. PM sent.

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