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The Snow Apple Curse | Otome | Snow White Fairytale |

#1 Post by ofdawnandtwilight » Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:55 pm

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is the fairest of all?
(Note: long af post so hope you peed beforehand!)
(2nd Note: warning for unfinished and unpolished visuals)
(3rd Note: nothing here is finalised. at all. welp)
It is the age where the Snow Queen reigns across kingdoms with her winter to rid of princesses that dare best her beauty -
two of them have long been left behind to die along with their rotted land and rotted people.
Now the Shine Kingdom is the ice-hearted queen's new home until it too rots,
and the price she gladly paid was the blood of the land's King, his Queen and the embodiment of the land's beauty itself, his daughter, Tayanita.

The once pure kingdom is now cast with darkness of the tyrant queen and her cursed daughters,
the Snow Princesses, Snow Red and Snow Grey.
They prosper in the people's suffering and mourning of their long lost princess;
now the Snow Queen has no threat to harm her godlike beauty across all three soils, and once that land dies as well, she would not stop there.

11 years later however with the land edging towards death, the mirror on the wall suddenly speaks a different praise,
and once again, Tayanita has become the fairest of them all.

'O Lady Queen, though fair ye be, Snow White is fairer far to see.
With Snow White still alive, so are hope and light -
but if the Snow Queen gets her way, they won't be for long.

Will the Snow Apple Curse be broken once and for all?

Image ○˙○˙ Snow Apple Curse ˙○˙○ Image

The Snow Queen's mightiest magic in a single bite of an apple,
the Snow Apple Curse blinds its victim to any goodness in the world and fills them with the side of themselves that they fear the most.
Both Snow Red and Snow Grey, while cursed, are not victims,
for they themselves made their choice to fall loyal to the queen and her evil ways.

The Snow Queen has released immediate orders to search for Snow White!
Will you, the Player, help the Snow Princesses win their mother's cold heart by ridding the threat for good this time,
or burn it to flames as you betray your family?
Can you lead Snow White herself to defeat the Snow Queen and avenge your parents and your people?
Or will you fail and lead her to her own death into the Queen's winter?
The choice is up to you.
In this alternate world of the Snow White fairytale, you can choose to explore three different stories revolving around three major locations:

Image The Castle Image
In the castle, there are;

Play as Snow Grey, the apathetic and sheltered Princess Miette.
Her young Highness is in charge of all affairs in the castle whilst her sister and mother are in chase for hints leading to Snow White's location.
During her control, she is introduced to two rebels who are suspected to be accomplices of Snow White,
the fearless man named Noir and another called Celeste who has...... antlers on their head? Just how?
Next, trace Snow White across;
Image The Kingdom of Bluebell Image
There have been rumours and clues indicating Snow White's presence in this neighbouring country. Find them with;

You will be Snow Red, the beautiful but lethargic temptress Princess Felisberta.
Her Highness has never seemed so determined until now (aside from her constant journeys of man-eating and skirt-chasing, but anyway!).
Try to find Snow White with the company of Snow Red's shield, General Nathaniel along with an unwilling hunter, Galelhya.
And finally,
Image The Forest Image
Beginning with the forest, you will travel even further with;

Help the one and only Snow White herself, Princess Tayanita gain victory against the Snow Queen's rule.
After many years of hiding and training, Tayanita is ready to take back her kingdom and will do whatever it takes to climb to the top.
With Ferris, her rabbit friend and Gaetana, a woman with skills so deadly as her (half?) trusted companions, vengeance will surely be hers.

Image ˚˙˚˙˚˙˚˙˚˙˚˙˚ Image

Hello there, ofdawnandtwilight (was nero279) here with an idea I'd love to see happen!
As you can see, the game will be branched out into three different major storylines with their respective heroines, similar to Norn9.
It's expected that there'd be some heavy workload going on, so I'd very much appreciate any help I could get thus hello to this thread C:
While the game would look better with all the three branches in one entire game,
having one heroine arc per installment would be good too, if that helps on not getting overwhelmed with work.
I'll be working on the character art! Feel free to check my art tumblr too so that you can expect how the game would look like~

The game will begin production (aka I'll finally be able to prioritise it) in December.

( * - Prioritised positions! )

Ideabouncers* - Someone to think up of..... ideas???
Yeah! From small little things (you: this character is allergic to cats, me: NICE)
to important events (endings, choice impacts, plot twists maybe)

Writers* - You don't have to be in charge of writing everything!
I'm sure having multiple writers will be better since there are about six love interests overall,
so feel free to apply for only one character route if that's your forte!

Miscellaneous - If you're interested with what's here so far and would like to help in any different way,
then that's super cool too, it'd help so much!

Image ˚˙˚˙˚˙˚˙˚˙˚˙˚ Image

It's late now and my brain is saying 'you forgot something dude' but my body is saying 'no' so I'll end it here then gaaah
Thanks so much for reading!
Feel free to contact me here through PM or comment, or my email qai279[at] for anything related!

Thanks again, have a good day! ♥
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Re: The Snow Apple Curse |Otome|Snow White Fairytale|

#2 Post by Zelan » Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:03 pm

Oh, man, this looks really cool. :o I don't think I'll be able to help out with anything but I'll definitely be stalking this. (I love Miette's design, by the way.)

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Re: The Snow Apple Curse |Otome|Snow White Fairytale|

#3 Post by LadyOfGatsby » Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:52 pm

I love everything! Ah art is so gorgeous and having 3 heroines and different men to go for is so cool. Kind of reminds me of Norn9

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Re: The Snow Apple Curse |Otome|Snow White Fairytale|

#4 Post by ofdawnandtwilight » Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:18 pm

Positions for ideabouncers are closed! Thank you very much, I'll be sending out replies to those who applied as soon as I can!

@ Zelan: Wowow, thank you for the compliments! So happy that you like Miette's design!

@ LadyOfGatsby: Thank you thank you!~ Not all love interests are males by the way! There are Celeste from the Castle who's nonbinary, and Gaetana from the Forest and Galelhya in the Kingdom of Bluebell are women ^^

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