Escape the Vroom!!!!!![Puzzle] - Looking for Artist [OPEN]

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Escape the Vroom!!!!!![Puzzle] - Looking for Artist [OPEN]

#1 Post by TellerFarsight » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:38 pm

Escape the Vroom!!!!!!
A simple escape room game where the room is you're strapped to a speeding motorcycle

You find yourself on a motorcycle, on a straight road that goes on further than you can see. All you know is that there is a seemingly endless amount of people standing at the roadside cheering you on like you're in a marathon, that if the motorcycle goes below 60km/h, it will explode, and that you are chained to the body of the motorcycle by a number of chains and ropes. You have to search around the motorcycle for keys to unlock the padlocks, number codes to release other chains, and any other way you can think of to get yourself out of this situation. Along the way, you'll find out who you are and why this is happening.

I'm planning on making an escape room game and I'm looking for an artist to help me out. It'll be a little more story based than most escape rooms, because the player character will be talking and revealing more of the world as you go.
I will be taking care of the writing, programming, and music, and just need an artist to bring it to life. The style I'm imagining is kind of the like the work of Michael Martchenko, very childish and watercolour-y.

As a rough estimate of what needs to be drawn:
  • background art of a long road from a couple different angles, for which I have a few references or can do myself because I'm not asking for a lot here.
  • crowds of people drawn at a distance, so they can be very simple and faceless humanoid-suggesting blobs
  • clouds and sky, a blimp at some point, and one CG of a full body person
  • and most importantly, I need an artist who is willing to get up close and personal with a motorcycle, with various parts that may be added or removed and a couple different angles (again, I have a few references, because this nice guy at the DMV let me take photos of his bike and there were some parked bikes I found in Europe, but don't count on them for everything. This will require some more work on the artist's part)
This is a free project, just for fun, so I can't pay you, but I think it'll be a fun ride (pun intended).

PM me with some samples if you're interested!
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