Need Character Artist for Blooming Nightshade [YuriJam 2017]

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Need Character Artist for Blooming Nightshade [YuriJam 2017]

#1 Post by Jackkel Dragon » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:02 pm

Blooming Nightshade is a project I hope to make for the 2017 Yuri Game Jam (September and October 2017). It's planned to be a short romance game designed to run on Android phones. The story focuses on Himeka Uchida, a second year student at Solana Academy that decides to try to find a girlfriend after hearing about other student couples at the school.

Game Features:
- Free
- 6 potential love interests
- Romantic or friendship paths for each girl
- (may not be implemented) Pair up the other girls with each other

What I'm looking for:

While I can reuse some of the backgrounds from my main project for this game and stick to a slightly modified version of the default GUI for now, I'll need character art and potentially a logo/icon. There are six characters that need to be drawn knee-up in two or three different outfits each for 400x600 resolution. The main character also needs a bust-up side image with two outfits. All of the characters have existing designs.

I'd prefer the character artist to be familiar with layered character portraits (where the base layer and expression layer are separate, for example). The intended style for the art is similar to my main project (Eldritch Academy), but simpler and cuter (like "chibi" art).

If possible, I'd prefer the artist to be able to complete all seven portraits with enough time left in the game jam for me to implement the portraits in the game. However, the timeline is flexible as long as the artist can finish by the end of the year.
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