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[ Visual Novel ] [ Psychological ] Looking for partners !

#1 Post by Akaya » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:29 am

Hello there !

I'm currently working on a psychological visual novel , so here a quick resume :
A Shinigami comes back down on Earth for a mission. Between three young women ( whom aren't aware of their death ), he'll have to choose who will reincarn itself or who will be reduced to dust again. Every girl has a emotion in the bottom of her soul ( related to her life and death ) that he will discover or not according to his choices ( so the ones of the reader).

There are some special art and several ends, good and bad.

I am still a student and the game will be free so I'll tell you honestly , I can't pay you. But I hope some people will work for passion and motivation !
Anyway , I'm looking for a :

Send me an email if you want to apply or ask questions! :)

- Working on a Visual novel project - Still looking for background artist- And translator english to japanese - Please contact me ! :)

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