Partners for Mystery/ Drama VN "Antoine" (ED, mental illness, unemployment)

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Partners for Mystery/ Drama VN "Antoine" (ED, mental illness, unemployment)

#1 Post by acsh » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:27 am

Hey there!

I've got far too much free time these days and little motivation to finish anything alone, so I was hoping to meet some people who'd be interested in working on a wholly new VN with me :)


- You can find the gist of the story here. I apologize for errors/ things that don't make sense as I was free-plotting. Literally nothing is set in stone though, you can expect that we'll be working closely to address any plot concerns and bouncing ideas off each other. You can tell that the story is heavily inspired by the anime ERASED, so lots of elements will need changing. ... sp=sharing

- I'm projecting the VN to be about 40-50k and kinetic. BUT if we get a talented programmer on the team then branching off from the main story would make for some juicy scenarios!

- Looking for:
1 writer
1-2 BG artist
1 sprite artist
1 Programmer

1 composer
As many betas as we can find!
Voice Actors (to be discussed. Lots of story drama expected, so this would get...rather intense)

I am expecting to be writer and concept artist for this project. You can view my recent stuff:

I am in no way a professional or anyone who even vaguely knows what I'm doing. So if you share an enthusiasm for teamwork and bringing a VN to life from the ground up, please feel free to contact me via my email: so I can add us all to a Skype/Discord group. If it garners sufficient interest, I'll get started on some concept sketches to share with lemmasoft. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Cheers!

-Tellerfarsight (writing, programming)
-Sober Lionheart (composer)
-You, potentially ;)

Some concept sketches to come...
DISCLAIMER: If you've read the doc, don't you be thinking I condone pedophilia or I'm fetishizing an eating disorder. Antoine is meant to discuss these often taboo themes.

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