Alteration (Sci-fi, Romance BxG) Looking for BG Artist [!CLOSED!]

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Alteration (Sci-fi, Romance BxG) Looking for BG Artist [!CLOSED!]

#1 Post by jokel00 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:56 pm

Keisuke (Possibly Renamable) Is an average teenager. He and his best friend Orisa love watching anime and playing video games together. They often brag about being the best gamers in the world, that is until Keisuke finds a peculiar virtual reality game named ‘Alteration’ sitting on his door step with a handwritten note that says ‘don’t play alone.’ He takes the game Orisa’s house to play with her, only to find out that it isn’t an average game. The next morning Keisuke awakes to find that he and Orisa have switched bodies. Keisuke now has to find a way to switch back permanently while uncovering mysteries about the game and his best friend.

- Over 100,000 words
- 3 routes that reveal different solutions and secrets
- 6 endings (3 good, 3 bad)
- Original Artwork

Minamoto Keisuke  (Main Character): Anime/video game uber nerd who often stays up all night playing video games and, as a result, is late to school all the time, constantly forgets to pack a lunch, and usually falls asleep in class. His best friend and partner in crime is Orisa (though she does far better than him in school).

Ueda Orisa (Main Romanceable): Orisa is slightly abrasive, outgoing, and slightly tsundere in personality. She’s very much a “storm the front gates and take ‘em head on” kind of girl. She, like her gaming buddy Keisuke, is an anime/gaming nerd extraordinaire, and often stays up gaming with him all night on the headset. She’s often late to school right alongside him, but she stays awake in class. Over the course of the game, Keisuke discovers secrets about Orisa’s past that turn her whole world upside down. Not very observant.


Otani Chiyo (Main Romanceable): Chiyo, quite plainly put, is a ball of energy. She’s fun-loving, free-spirited, and kind of ditzy, but well meaning. Chiyo is Orisa’s best girlfriend and and total sweetie pie. Don’t let the ditz routine fool you, though. Chiyo knows way more than she’s letting on.


Aihara Shizuko (Main Romanceable): Shizuko is a reserved, quiet girl who is content to watch over her foster sister, Orisa from afar (this will be explained in more detail later on in character backstories). She is a bit on the mysterious and secretive side. Very observant.


Planning - 70%
Writing - 15%
Sprite Planning - 100%
Sprites - 10%
Programming - 0%

Release Date
There are three writers, a programmer, and an artist working diligently and we hope to release this game by the middle of next year at the latest, but that being said, there is no set release date.

Looking For
A background artist willing to create around 15 original backgrounds. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently and provide proof of work once every week. Preferably communicating via discord but email is also acceptable. If you’re interested in this project please respond to this post or private message along with some samples of your work. It's possible to send us an email too:

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