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[GxB/N] Lycoris: Looking for Team

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:40 am
by crystalscm
Hi! So... while getting the revamp done and debating/finalizing some features of my other game, which is bigger in size, I decided to pick up this smaller project, which has been an idea in my head for several weeks now. Seeing that this game is simply story-based with multiple endings, fairly short, and will be released completely for free when it's done, I am looking for people who are doing this out of their own interest or wish to expand their portfolio.

Lulu is the student every teacher could ask for in a dream - helpful, kind, intelligent, and open. She is good at every subject, but she is into history from around the world because her father was a historian and he told many fascinating stories about battles, sickness, and people.

One day, Lulu encounters a young boy who is injured. She decides to take him in and treat him, and this boy introduces himself as Ray, who seems to hold some secrets in his heart. Lulu finds herself wanting to find out more, but she quickly realizes that there are some secrets that are better left alone in the dark.

- Lulu: Although generally a good student and, Lulu can also be a little bit of a history geek in a good way. She faces challenges head-on and doesn't like to chicken away from anything. Her instincts are sharp and her curiosity can never seem to be quenched. Even as she may not look like it at first, she is able to understand others quite well, perhaps because of her ability to read others' emotions easily.

- Ray: Ray is a bit quiet, awkward and hard to talk to until his shell breaks. Although he takes an appearance of a seventeen or eighteen year old boy, he doesn't like being called 'beautiful', 'young' or something along those lines because in reality, he was turned into a vampire. Because of the past, possibly, he dislikes being around many people at once and cramped places. Sometimes, he can't be honest with others or even himself.

- Bryn: They are a bit flippant and quite a freeloader who does what they want when they want, so other people may think that they're brash. However, they are protective of those who are important to them, and Lulu is no exception; they put others' happiness before their own. Bryn seems to be very wary around Ray, and they seem to be keeping some secrets of their own.

  • Artists: I'm looking for virtually every type of artist ranging from sprite all the way to GUI right now!
  • Musicians: I value OSTs and SFXs, so I'm looking for people who wish to help me with this as well.
  • Voice Actors: For now, I'm looking for one female & two male voice actors. If it's fully or partially voiced has not been decided.
  • Cowriter: I would like to have someone to bounce ideas with and help me write/edit the script.

If you're interested, please make sure to send some type of portfolio or sample(s) links/attachments, for example your DeviantArt gallery if you're an artist, or SoundCloud/YouTube if you're a musician or voice actor. If you would like, do tell something about yourself too that you feel comfortable in telling! You can either send your application through DM here or send an email to I hope to hear from you!

Re: [GxB] Lycoris: Looking for Team

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:25 pm
by crystalscm
Announcements ✓ Dec. 24
Originally, there was only meant to be one character that could be pursuable, but after some contemplation I decided to add another route (this character was originally a side character in the game.) because there are more themes I hope to go deeper into and also have some more closure or happiness, both for the characters and for you, the readers.

For that, I introduce to you Bryn! They will now be an available route upon release as long as you make the right choices to go into their route. Here is a short description to get to know them without spoiling anything. They will be added to the main post ASAP.

- Bryn: They are a bit flippant and quite a freeloader who does what they want when they want, so other people may think that they're brash. However, they are protective of those who are important to them, and Lulu is no exception; they put others' happiness before their own. Bryn seems to be very wary around Ray, and they seem to be keeping some secrets of their own.
♦ ♢ ♦ ♢

Also... I've got some more information to share, which is more general things that may (or may not) be helpful!
  • Rating: 15+ primarily for mild violence
  • Topics: love, depression, family, identity, trauma, etc.
  • Genres: fantasy, romance, school life, drama.
Oh and also, I'll give away a little "fun" fact! A notable part of Lycoris's inspiration is actually from the Black Death, which is a deadly plague that started in Asia and swept to the Middle East and Europe in the fourteenth century.
♦ ♢ ♦ ♢

I'm still looking for all positions in the main post. However, there are some updates that I'll cover here for the positions needed. They will also be updated hopefully soon. The Sprite/CG Artist will be doing 3 sprites instead of 2 sprites now (Lulu, Ray, Bryn). Due to an additional route the number of CGs will also increase a bit as well. And in addition to what is listed, I'm also looking for another male Voice Actor. I have also decided to make this something that's partially voiced in English.

Re: [GxB/N] Lycoris: Looking for Team

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:50 am
by syazleana
I'm interested to apply for sprite artist position! I've sent an e-mail to you ^^

Re: [GxB/N] Lycoris: Looking for Team

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 11:04 pm
by crystalscm
Announcements ✓ Jan. 06
We are progressing nicely thus far with this little game! Everybody who has joined has been very kind and very fun to work with! Speaking of, I'd like to introduce you to the current members of the team!
  • Cowriter: LeeAnn Parker
  • Musician: Hylianonbi
  • Sprite artist: Lyria Esther
I am looking forward to going further into the project and we are all looking forward to sharing with you the results. Any position that is not stricken through are still open positions, except the sprites are taken, even as the Artists position is not stricken through. If you are interested, please do send an email to or send a PM here to apply!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Writing: LeeAnn and I are working on outlining (there will be 5 chapters total) - all four ends are planned out and titled, and we've got a brief idea of the common route and how to start each route.

Art: Lyria has sketched out some a lot of hairstyle ideas for Lulu! It's hard making a single decision... It's a good thing we can mix-match some of them up, haha. Out of respect for privacy, I will share only the final result to the general public, sorry!

Music: I've managed to put my blood, sweat, and tears into looking for soundtrack examples on YouTube for Hylianonbi, who very quickly noticed my bias to piano and strings, haha. I'm not really sure when the music will be completed... part of it is when LeeAnn and I finish the script as well though.

Re: [GxB/N] Lycoris: Looking for Team

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:33 pm
by crystalscm
Updates ♦ Jan. 20
We are still making progress with the game! Here is a little progress report for today!

Writing: So far, we have the entirety of chapters 1 and 5 outlined! That makes 2/5 chapters done, the beginning and the end. Now, we're working on the routes, which we have decided to work on one route at a time together because it is LeeAnn's first time outlining a VN (it will be slower, but hopefully it will bring better results in the end!) We have a tad bit of chapter 2 and chapter 4 outlined though.

Art: So far, Lyria has done great working with the team and accounting for everyone's feedback the best she can. Right now, we have a headshot sketch of Lulu. Lyria stated she is free on weekends, so the progress might be a little slow, but we are slowly chugging through!

Music: ... Well, not much progress, I guess? Hylianonbi said that he intended to wait until the story/script is completed to start on the music. Maybe the main theme will be worked on soon, I guess.
We are still open!
Right now, I am looking for artists of all types except for sprites and musicians who are willing to collaborate.
We are using Discord to communicate at the moment. If you are interested, please send an email to
We wish to make this game a reality, but we can't do it without your help! Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.