Somnova Studios - Looking for new team members for an 18+ visual novel!

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Somnova Studios - Looking for new team members for an 18+ visual novel!

#1 Post by Somnova » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:12 am

Hello, everyone! We're Somnova Studios, an international Visual Novel development group. Recently, we released a proof-of-concept demo of our latest project, Missing Stars, which you can read more about and download on our website:

What is Missing Stars?

Missing Stars is a freeware 18+ visual novel project that aims to depict mental disorders and the people who live with them in a realistic, but sensitive and respectful light. After a certain incident that left him scarred and embittered, Erik Wilhelm transfers in to Privatgymnasium St. Dymphna, a special Viennese school for teenagers living with psychological disorders, where he meets a colorful cast of characters that will turn his formerly uneventful life upside down.


We have a short album of screenshots in the link below!

What are we looking for?

We're looking for the following:

Artists - We're looking for BG and CG artists to help us make high-quality art assets for the full version of the game. If you're applying to be a colorist, BG or CG artist, you'll be following our art style guide and will be assisted by our art leads to help make art assets that match the ideal style we have in mind. We have a style guide you can read in the attached files section. Please note that CG artists may be asked to draw nudity or other adult content.

Editors - While we have a full staff for our writing team as of this posting, we do need one or two extra editors to help us manage our large script (which is approximately 160,000 words for the first act of the game). Editors would be working closely with writers to ensure that writing styles are preserved. These positions are filled now! Thanks to all that applied!

Where should I apply?

You can apply here on Lemmasoft, or you can apply on our Discord channel:
We have a team applications channel!
When you apply, please tell us what you're interested in applying for, and link us to previous work you've done (if applicable).

We'll get in touch with you as soon as we can!

Thanks for reading.

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