NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#46 Post by Sunlit-Dreamer » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:50 pm

(Quite interesting that there are new members posting here the moment they join. And nice to see there'll be other dark/horror nanos.)

Sunlit here, and I have decided to participate for the 4th year in a row. Only this time, I'll be recruiting.

I am mainly a writer, with only basic knowledge about coding which should be enough for the nano idea I have come up with. I am though interested in fleshing out the story with any team members, and I'll even allow the artist to pick the genders of the characters.

The genre will probably be Horror, and the nano will be a KN. There will be no choices since I want to keep the project as small as possible. The basic summary is the following:

A pair of siblings have been invited over for a double sleepover at their best friends' house. The parents go out on a date night, leaving the older siblings in charge. It only later that the younger siblings barge into the living room, crying that the "boogeyman" tried to grab one of them. As proof, there was a large bruise wrapping around their leg. Looking inside the bedroom, there was a distorted arm, slowly opening the window.

I have made a "guesstimate" as to what will be needed. It'll probably go up though, depending on how the story goes along with art decisions.

3-4 Sprites
6 bgs
4 cgs

I'm willing to take on almost anyone, as long as they're interested. Do know though, that I will be asking for updates every other day or so. I can understand busy schedules because I myself will be busy with work.

If you're interested, send me a pm and I'll provide my Discord.

Team so far:

Writer: Sunlit-Dreamer
BG Artist: banannasquid
Sprite Artist: GhostCracker
Composer: D.ray

(I myself might send out pms in a few days time if other posts catch my eye. If you yourself have posted and see another post that catches your interest, send that person a pm. And please make sure to update your post as your team grows/has become completed.)
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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#47 Post by dustyotome » Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:37 pm

Hello, I'm Dusty. I don't have a title for my otome visual novel yet; but it will be a mad lib type of otome visual novel about today being your birthday and you have yet to find a boyfriend. Your best friend and roommate just had her boyfriend propose to her the day before. Your friend wants to take you to a bar to find you a man but you are against the idea. Will you go to the bar with your friend or will you make your own plans? There will be four different locations and each location will have a different ending.There will be various inputs (favorite food, favorite movie, what type of quality in a man you like/don't like) and this game will be light hearted, deep, or funny depending on the inputs. So far I only have a very very early outline.

I will need an artist(s) to help me with the art:

- 5 bgs (living room with a birthday cake on the table, cafe, park, bar, and mall)
- 4 different sprites

I'm just looking for something simple. Not too elaborate. I don't need different expressions for the sprites. They can even look the same except for small changes (different hair color and color of clothes).

This will be a free game and I won't make any money of it.

Update: I have an artist to make the sprites. All I need is an artist to make some four simple bgs (cafe, park, bar, and mall)
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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#48 Post by Maelstrom-Fenrir » Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:45 pm

Hello Lemmasoft, wasn’t planning on participating this year as I have things I should be working on as is, but thanks to a certain friend I ended up getting inspired to do this.

As long as the main character can remember they have been trapped with the other character in a wondrous underground garden filled with broken machinery. There is no way out except the hole that looks up into the sky, but it is way beyond reach. Their only company is each other and a dog that has two robotic legs. Days pass at an idle pace, for the main character has already given up hope of leaving the garden. Meanwhile their companion however spends their days looking through the scrap trying to fix the small broken down spaceship is hopes of someday breaking out. And so they live in a world of peace, comfort, and loneliness surrounded by broken relics of the past.

Story is drama, and going to be hopefully an emotional moving tale. Not a romance, sorry but it doesn’t work with this story. It is character driven drama, with some maybe touches of comedy and I guess just a pinch of mystery feelings (don’t consider that very high, since it isn’t going to be)

It would be a kn, as there is no other way for this story to have multiple endings and work.

We have a team! But if anyone wants to help with Music we will gladly welcome you aboard.

Writer: Maelstrom-Fenrir (Myself)
Sprite/CG: ArizaLuca
BG: gintokidev

Bgs would be 3. All of them of the garden.

Willing to work with anyone interested in helping out. I just ask that you be transparent. We are working on the project together after all. If you are having troubles, concerns, etc I’d like to hear them, I’m a very understanding, friendly and caring person.

PM me on Lemmasoft if you are interested.
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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#49 Post by ArizaLuca » Fri Feb 23, 2018 9:54 pm

Hello! I'm Ariza Luca.

I'm an artist, can do basic coding, a voice actress, and a writer. I can pretty much do anything you'd like me to do except for music!

I'm learning how to do GUI and can do basic programming, although I am a quick learner and so can probably figure out whatever as long as it's not too complicated. Depending on how complicated you want things, I can do many (or only a few) CGs, character sprites, and character designs. I suck at backgrounds, though. I can also write and I'm not too bad of a voice actress.

Um, if you'd like to see a game that I made, please check this out:
And some examples of art that I can do are here: ... on-between

I also have a dA that I haven't updated in a while; I swear my art has improved since then:

As long as there's nothing above PG-13 in the game, I'm perfectly good. I'm pretty good with anything.

I'm thinking about making a game for NaNoReNo, but I'm also participating in a bunch of other game jams, so it won't be too long.

What I want to do is a short project that takes place in a fantasy world-- there's a non-binary protagonist (it can be a girl or a boy depending on how you name it) with a team who goes on adventures together. The adventure they'll go on is a short, cute one. There's the friendship ending, and then there'll also be a romantic ending with each member of the team. The aim is probably only about 10-20k words.

If possible, I would love to have some people participate-- probably only helping with GUI, music/sfx, and the backgrounds; although depending on how busy I end up being, I could really also use a hand with the character sprites and designs, as well as maybe the writing.

This is a really short game, and it's mostly for fun, so unfortunately I cannot promise that you'll be paid. But it should be fun, and I will definitely give you credit!

The game idea is only if I decide to make the game myself-- there is a high chance I'll participate in helping with someone else's game! Please feel free to PM me, email me, PM on Twitter, or contact me any other way that you'd like!

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#50 Post by dyaoka » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:04 am

Hello! I'm recruiting people to help with on a project!

The project is a comedy/parody/light hearted game centered around a world torn asunder by warring factions of fans, all claiming their own Rightful Husbando is the best. (If unfamiliar, the concept of fan armies is a bit like Beliebers, Swifties, etc., except this game has nothing to do with music.) You, the player, have been hired and tasked by Rater Inc to rate these Husbandos. How you rate them is entirely up to you; whether by appearance or by judgement of character or any other reason. Your only task is to rate the Husbandos...and keep your job.

The player will be making many decisions and as such, this is not a kinetic novel. There may be some sensitive topics. There might be shirtless men and maybe one nipple, but other than that, there will be no excessive amounts of nudity. This should be a short and fun game!

I am the programmer, writer, and artist on this project. I am looking for more artists(!!!), a musician, and possibly a GUI artist because my own sense of style is poopy.

30x Waist up pics of different males (background optional; this responsibility will be split with me and any other artists joining)

Contact me if you're interested!
Discord: Choco #1693 *preferred way of contact
Also feel free to message me here.

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#51 Post by starmaster1246 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:31 am

Hi, I'm an amateur writer looking to get his feet wet with NaNoReno. I pretty much have all my time free at the moment, so I shouldn't any problems getting things done in time for release. I'm very open to any criticism and a fast learner, so I can fix any issues with my writing quickly.

Things I can do:
Horror(Kinda, I don't really get scared by horror, so it's a little harder for me to write)

Things I won't do:
18+ content
Boy's love

You can also just private message me on here.

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#52 Post by Windreda » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:52 am

Hey Lemmasoft,

I represent the director for the Somnova Studios NaNoRenO 2018 team and am currently looking for an additional CG artist.

Our group is working on a light hearted slice of life story taking place within a near future jazz club. The story comprises of three characters: a male/female rivalry lead and an older female supporting character. Currently we are an international team comprised of 4 writers, 2 editors, 2 artists, 3 musicians, and 3 programmers.

We had a third artist who recently recently had to drop out due to a wonderful job opportunity, so I'm hoping to find someone to take their place. We're ideally looking for a CG artist, but any kind of contribution would be greatly appreciated!

Our art style will be a mix between my current art director's loose character sketches and the art style of our more long term project Missing Stars( )

We currently have our own Discord page for organization and have most of the production mapped out/finalized. Please message me with any questions/inquiries and I hope to hear from someone!

Kind Regards,

Christian AKA Windreda
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Please support Somnova Studio's current VN project Missing Stars!

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#53 Post by gintokidev » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:06 am

My nickname is Gintoki DEV, DEV is because I'm focused n being developer, but my main role as being artist 5 months in a row. I work with 3D models for make Backgrouns, as a programmer I have experience with gamemaker, my languages are C, Java and a little of python, also Processing 3.
My objective is participate in Nano18 for get a lot of experience making BG's and increase the quality of my works.

Work Ability:

- 3D desing with CAD's, software that I use, Autocad,Soliworks,Freecad,Solid edge and Blender
for the renders.
- Low resolution texture making (640 x640 max resolution made at this day).
- 3D game development ( Indie games, lowpoly models with textures).
- Basic architecture desing.
- Basic Drawing skills ( coloring & shading, no lineart).
- Medim-High skills in Image edition ( making memes helps you know? )
- Basic music skills ( No I don't compose music, but I can help with my feedback for improve soundtrack works)

Project Preference:

VN Genres or topics:
- School life
- Magic girls
- Cyber punk / futuristic
- Musical
- Steampunk or Victorian age themed stuff
- Outer space stuff.
- Paranormal
- Drama

What I would do for you:

- 3D models & Backgrounds
- Icons/Gui desing.
- Coloring or ambient drawing on sprites/other BG's
- Help in development (Only for Gamemaker)

What I need:

- I need mid-high level of commucation, high amount of details for every work, no matter what
- Donations (that is completely optional)

Here is my Devianart page where I show some little demo of my work.

you can contact me on twitter and Discord too.

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#54 Post by Maelvona » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:59 pm


I'm Maelvona and I am a writer. I've mostly stuck to my own work and forum tidbits(other forums), but I thought I'd get started here. This event really inspired me and a few friends encouraged me to join. So I'm putting my hat in the ring! Lemmasoft always seemed like a great community and I can't wait the experiences and opportunities that are ahead of me.

I am partial to Fantasy stories but I can work with any genre, as well as being a main writer I can also merely assist. If you need proofreading or advice, simply someone to talk to I'm all ears! I love writing to a high degree and I think everyone should try it themselves! Although I prefer women, I am definitely versed in Males as well and even Aliens or other Species are possible for me. Any perspective or viewpoint, as long as it's interesting, can certainly catch my attention.

How you can contact me: Discord @ Angel#2554, or message me here!
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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#55 Post by arachni42 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 9:47 pm

Hello! I have an unconventional request. I'm looking for an artist who likes to draw objects. Stuff like books, clothes, pots, instruments, machines, etc.

The project is a sci-fi/fantasy story about a teenage boy and girl who go to explore some ruins together. The girl is lively and creative while the boy is down-to-earth and pragmatic -- their interactions drive the story. But they're going to be looking at a lot of objects, so it would be nice to have art for them and not just text descriptions. The objects can be drawn, or they can be based on 3D renders as long as they're textured/lit/colored to look natural.

My NaNo thread is here:

I also could use a GUI artist, just to dress the interface up a little. Nothing complicated.

Send me a PM here or e-mail me at
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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#56 Post by Zelan » Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:45 pm

Decided to go ahead and throw my hat in the ring - I'd be willing to edit/proofread a few SHORT projects. Preferably 15k words, max, but I could probably be persuaded to do 20k. Anything more, unfortunately, is gonna have to be a hard 'no' as my schedule is gonna be fairly packed this NaNo.

Won't do:
-Adult/sexual content
-Not a huge fan of horror (ask about this one - it all depends)

Stuff I especially like:
-Cute things
-Gay things
-I've been pretty into kinetic novels recently

Hit me up if you need a proofreader! c: (hint: you do. doesn't have to be me but always proofread your work first.)

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#57 Post by Amy_oai » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:44 am

Hey everyone!

A bit 'late' this year, but let me introduce myself; I'm Amy, a video editor and visual novel enthusiast :)

Like previous years, I'm opening up a few slots for trailers for your finished nano projects. (2016 - Sweet and Spices, 2017 - AIRIS)
These are completely free of charge, as I simply want to expand my portfolio and give people with no budget a chance to get a trailer :D

- This isn't a first come first serve thing, more of a 'show me your project' thing once you've got yourself some assets (music+art)
- My paid work goes before this free little piece of charity. Always. I'm sorry, but that's just the deal.
- I'll be on vacation the first week of NaNo, so be mindful of that. I'll try and check my messages, but you never know how dodgy reception can be.

If you want to see more of my work, click >here < or on that little animated picture in my signature.

Once you/your team has a bit of artwork and a song, feel free to contact me! You can always contact me earlier for more info though.

To everyone participating this year, good luck and have fun!
*this offer is for nanoreno games only. I do not offer a free trailer for games outside of nanoreno territory
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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#58 Post by volomist » Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:48 pm

Hi everybody!
I'm one of the lead programmers at Neoclassic Games. I've developed some visual novels in the past with the rest of my team but this is the first time I have the occasion to read about Nanoreno. it looks like it's the right time too!

I won't create a new team but, if anyone wants me to join, I will be happy to work together and participate.
I would also request to use my own experimental VN engine, just to test it. The cool thing is that, since I made the engine, if the necessity rises, I will be able to implement new functions and features from scratch. Just name it!
Ah don't worry, all the standard functions you expect to find from an engine like are present.

Thanks for reading so far, let me know if you are interested!
Have a nice day!

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#59 Post by Boniae » Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:47 pm

Hi all! I'm making a comedy/drama BL VN for nano with a good friend of mine, we don't have a thread up for it yet, but the story is about a high school boy who's slowly turning into a demonic overlord.

We're currently looking for a programmer who could help put together a GUI (I can provide the images/concept, I just might not have the time/patience to code it though) and a bit help with other programming related things. (I was hoping to add a few quick time events and a memory matching game, which I have the working script for, I'm just very terrible at screen language haha.) We'll also need a proofreader who could look over the script as well! (I'm aiming for at least 10k, because I doubt I'll be able to finish the entire game script.) If you're interested for more details and want to help, hit me up through PM or my discord: boniae #5175 ! Thanks!

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Re: NaNoReno 2018 General Recruitment Thread

#60 Post by D.ray » Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:42 pm

I was debating whether or not to join, but this seems like fun and cool challenge. My name is Dray, and I'm a composer. I'd like to offer my service to a team looking for original music for NANOReno 2018. I'm pretty versatile with most genres.

Here's an example track:

If you're interested, feel free to PM me with the details of your project and your music requirements. I'll keep my availability open for the next 2 or 3 days, at which point I'll probably pick a project I'm interested in. Of course if something comes along before then, I'll choose earlier. I'll keep this post updated, and mention if I'm no longer available.

Currently Available?
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