Looking For Team For Fantasy/Adventure VN (unpaid)

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Looking For Team For Fantasy/Adventure VN (unpaid)

#1 Post by MasterPuppeteer » Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:06 pm


I am looking for the following people:
  • An Editor or two.
    • A coder.
    • BG/CG/GUI/Logo artist(s)
    What I will be doing:
    • Writing. I think I will be able to handle most of the writing myself, but I need editors to fix up things and give me ideas to expand on the plot.
    • Buying the sprites. This is the only thing I can afford to pay someone for atm.
    • Possibly will also be commissioning a composer.
    What's done:
    • 10-15% of the script. I know it's not a lot but I'm a quick writer, I'm just getting hung up on the flow of my words and how to expand the plot, which ideally my editors can help me with.
    • I'll be ordering the sprites in a few days, when I have the money and a bit more of the script done.
    The plot:

    This visual novel will follow two main characters, a twelve year old boy cursed to have mushrooms grow out his head, and the ageless demon entity who cursed him. Essentially the idea is that Marshall, the boy, ends up lost in the woods through a series of events and encounters Void, the demon. It takes a liking to him and promises to help him find his way out, but is essentially just tricking him and leading him into dangerous situations. Through one tragic event, the boy ends up dying. But Void, either being disappointed at having lost its latest plaything, or having actually taken a liking to him, it brings Marshall back to life. However, it couldn't resist adding some extra parts to him. In comes the mushrooms. Past this, I'm not entirely sure. I was thinking of having the mushrooms slowly sucking the life out of him (again), adding some urgency to the story. Void claims that the mushrooms are a side effect and that it knows a witch or something who can remove them.

    Although I have been purely writing from Marshall's POV for right now, I have been toying with the idea of adding Void's POV as well, and granting the player the choice at the beginning of the game whose side they want to hear first. I think it would be interesting to have a backstory for Void, to sort of help the player understand why it is the way it is. I also am planning to use Void in a GxG otome in the future, so this could be a nice origin story for the both of them. (The witch could be a potential love interest in the second game!)

    Choice-wise, I originally wanted to make the first half a regular visual novel, and the second half (when he's in the forest) a dating sim of sorts. Instead, rather than have your stats affect a love interest, it will affect Marshall's survival and success rates. The choices in the first half could affect the stats that Marshall starts with going into the second half, and then from there certain actions would increase/decrease things like intelligence/strength/fear, and then maybe an overall status indicator for his relationship with Void. Low intelligence might mean the Marshall is more likely to pick poisonous berries, while a low relationship with Void may result in her being more likely to impede on Marshall's daily activities. However, I s'pose this would all depend on the skill of the coder(s) I recruit. If not I would just do the dual perspective thing I mentioned before.

    As of right now, I can only afford to commission sprites and maybe a composer, which I already have people in mind for. So, unfortunately I cannot offer anyone else any sort of compensation. I'm planning on having this as a free project, so that if I'm unable to find someone to do the work for free, I can just hopefully make do with the CC out there. However, if I find everyone that I'm looking for, then I would definitely consider opening up a Kickstarter and hopefully pay y'all whatever you usually charge.

    Interested? Great! Please PM me or comment below with examples of your work! Please be prepared to give me/create a discord, as that is how I'd like us all to be communicating. :+)

    BG/CG artists: This is the style of sprites I will be commissioning. I don't expect you to emulate this style, but I would like something that complements each other nicely.

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Re: Looking For Team For Fantasy/Adventure VN (unpaid)

#2 Post by Neeka » Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:34 pm

I'm a writer myself so sorry I can't help but this sounds wonderful! Plus I love mushrooms! :) Hope you find the help you need.

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