Stuck Between Dawn and Dusk [GxB, side BxB, Vampires, Fantasy] [Looking for Programmers, Composers]

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Stuck Between Dawn and Dusk [GxB, side BxB, Vampires, Fantasy] [Looking for Programmers, Composers]

#1 Post by Risachan » Thu May 03, 2018 5:32 am

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a few people to help create a free otome game. I've been working on the story for about two years now and am looking for more people to help out with the game.


In a world where both magic and science exist, the world was created by the Sun Goddess and the Moon God. The Sun Goddess created humans while the Moon God created vampires. Millenias later, these are the two most populous races in the world. Present day, the two species live in separate Kingdoms generally inaccessible to each other.

Stella is a runaway vampire secretly living in the human world after accidentally causing the death of the Vampire Queen, Giselle. Years later, she made a peaceful life for herself blending into the human race and even joining a special military brigade focused on fighting vampires.

However, on an investigative mission near the border of the Human and Vampire Kingdoms, Stella is forced to return to the Vampire Kingdom. There, she can no longer run from the truth and face the consequences of her actions.

There are 6 romancable vampire and human characters, and 8+ side characters in the game.

Stella: The heroine of the game, Stella is a quiet and obedient girl struggling to come to terms with her past.

Vincent: The first son of Giselle and the crown prince of the Vampire Kingdom. Vincent is cold, narccistic, and prideful. He knows he's the best and he doesn't intend to hide it.

Morgan: The second son of Giselle and often praised for his beauty. He is a sly man that prefers to stay in his room. He is both charming and perverted, and isn't afaid to flirt and make moves on girls he likes.

Evan: The youngest son of Giselle and a spoiled prince. Constantly pampered by servants, he grew up getting anything and everything he could ever want.

Joshua: Stella's human partner for missions, Joshua is gentle and kind soul who's always giving Stella a hand to get her out of trouble. Unfortunately, he is plagued by nightmares and has a deep hatred for vampires.

Nathan: Stella's adoptive human brother, he is a calm and collected young man who loves his friends and family. He is very protective of his two sisters.

Reynald: Reynald is the childhood friend of Nathan. He is one of the very few peoples that knows Stella is a vampire. He hates her because of her he and Nathan grew distant from eachother. Now as an adult he is a womanizer and proud man.
Outlines: ~24% (Joshua's route is done, Reynald's is half completed)
Artwork: ~5% (Designing has started)
Script: 0%
Backgrounds: 0%
Coding: 0%
GUI: 0%
Music: 0%

Writers: Risachan , MinetteRose , LunarNoir (FULL)
Sprite & CG Art: Pumpkin Spike

Background Artist: OPEN
Programmer: GratoNite

Unfortunately, as this is a free game, I will not be able to pay anyone. However, if we decide to make a kickstarter for this game, payment will be available.

There will be some minor BxB scenes (shounen-ai, SFW) within the game. Please be comfortable with this topic if you choose to appy.

Please contact me by either leaving a comment or sending me a private message if you are interesting in joining our team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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Re: Stuck Between Dawn and Dusk [GxB, side BxB, Vampires, Fantasy] [Looking for Programmers, Composers, and Writers]

#2 Post by GratoNite » Fri May 04, 2018 6:50 am

I'm not actually a programmer, i think the term is builder, i can try to build games.
I have licences of both TyranoBuilder and Visual Novel Maker on steam, so i can publish the games made with them without problems.
I want to learn by participating in a project :) , i might do this and that but at the moment i can't do minigames because i have 0 knowledge of programming, but i use those softwares so doing Dialogues, menus, choices, gui, name input, doesn't need ANY programming...

As of finished projects, i don't have one. it's real hard as a 1 man team, all i can do is build, so the art and story is a complete trainwreck. that made the project off-putting.

If you want to try me, i also work for free. i consider this an experience and learning chance.
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Re: Stuck Between Dawn and Dusk [GxB, side BxB, Vampires, Fantasy] [Looking for Programmers, Composers, and Writers]

#3 Post by WeirdoVivi » Mon May 07, 2018 4:49 pm

I'm up for helping out with either programming or music. I have been using Ren'py, and Python in general, on and off, for about 2 years now. I'm fairly familiar with placing sprites and backgrounds, and am also pretty competent with visual FX and Transitions.

As far as music goes, I've been producing for 7 years, and my work can be found on my soundcloud link in my profile.

Really, I'd prefer to help out with programming, since I've been wanting to get back into that aspect, and have had serious writer's block musically for a good while now.

Anyways, I hope to hear back from you! You can either DM me on here, or shoot me an add on Discord at Vipensity#6476 to contact me!
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Re: Stuck Between Dawn and Dusk [GxB, side BxB, Vampires, Fantasy] [Looking for Programmers, Composers, and Writers]

#4 Post by vnwriter » Tue May 15, 2018 10:58 pm

I'd love to help with the writing should you need someone. I have been hired by gen-ius games to write an original visual novel and I also have a published paranormal romance story with over 10k reads. I think your plot sounds fantastic and it would be so much fun to work with you!

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Re: Stuck Between Dawn and Dusk [GxB, side BxB, Vampires, Fantasy] [Looking for Programmers, Composers, and Writers]

#5 Post by nebulaway » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:34 am

If you're still looking for a writer, I can help out! I usually write fanfics but I'm looking for an original project to get my feet wet. I also have some experience with programming as well but I prefer a more writing role.
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