The Sapphires War (fantasy VN project - BG artist and voice actors/actresses needed!

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The Sapphires War (fantasy VN project - BG artist and voice actors/actresses needed!

#1 Post by Kid » Sun May 20, 2018 12:43 pm

Hi, name's Kid, our newly formed team "Sapphire Star Studios" (SSS for short) counts 9 people as of now: Scenario writer (me), two composers, two programmers one sprites/CGs artist and various voice actors.
It's a completely free project in early development (we work for free and are looking for others willing to do the same), and we are currently looking for a BG artist that matches our style, but we would also welcome any voice actor who might be interested in joining us (we'd give priority to English native speakers, but if you don't have a heavy accent and speak fluently, we really don't mind).

The VN will be a fantasy, but it will also have a bit of slice of life, comedy and slight romance, whilst featuring action and more serious events.

★The plot is set in a world where two countries are in a constant state of war, trying to get the upper hand thanks to their two champions (the main characters). That means that contrary to most VNs, ours will star both a female and a male MCs, shifting the POV from one to the other. The story should feature a bad end, two regular endings and a "true" ending. The main theme of the VN is "duality", and the way the two MCs are handled and linked is also part of the plot, with the true ending shedding light on how they're actually related.★

I attached a couple sketches of characters so you can have an idea of the style of our artist.
It might become a long project, being totally free, but we're determined to finish it. We are using Ren'Py for our VN.
You can also find us on development amino as "Sapphire Star Studios".
If you are interested, then by all means contact me with a direct email at:
It seems I can't reply if you use the forum to send emails, so just email me normally!

Thank you for reading! :D

Side character sketch
Main heroine early sketches

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