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Welcome to The Clearing [Otome/Romance][Suspense][18+][Voiced] - Looking for Assistant Writer/Proofreader

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:06 pm
by Disallowed
Our studio is producing a FREEWARE, 18+, Otome visual novel. We intend to make this a polished project while keeping a casual and fun environment.

Studio OwO - Where dreams are made of memes, is a studio that was made by a Japanese person who wanted to make a game for fun so she could work on it with friends she met in the voice acting community. The creator is a very hard-working person who spent some time last year working and living in California to improve her English, which was far from fluent at the time. The creator was always fascinated by English voice actors and joined our community. She was very well taken care of and felt she wanted to give something back to those who helped her.

Together with one of her close real life friend and art student from Japan that she personally mentors, she decided to make a Visual Novel. She does NOT have much experience with programming and writing and sees this as a fun challenge to do whenever she has time to spare. Her art student who also lacks a great deal of experience, having only been drawing for about 1.5 years, has agreed to do the art assets as a challenge. They are both very diligent.

WARNING: This is an 18+ project that features immense emotional/physical abuse, mental illness, and mentions of rape. However, there will be NO sexual content. Audition with discretion.

Synopsis: Lily, an unruly teen with a neglected ADHD diagnosis thinks she’s being forced to go on a “road trip” vacation with her parents, when she is dropped off at a cult-like mental asylum disguised as a correctional boarding school for “out of control” children with “bad behavior.” Her parents do this as they believe this will fix Lily’s rebellious streak. However, the moment her parents leave, things go awry. The school quickly reveals its true colors, as Lily learns its twisted, violent, and cruel practices in order to “save” the children and “change” them for the better. Lily quickly realizes she needs to escape this seemingly inescapable facility before it breaks her down, or worse.
Based off a true story from a survivor of the Élan school

Current Progress

We have the story fully outlined and are currently at the beginning stages of script writing.

Will this be paid?

We are hoping to crowdfund this game in the future through kickstarter. The studio owner/creator of the game does not need any money and is only working to help her friends, so all profits will be used to make sure potential voice actors get paid very well along with her friends who help out with various tasks.

The creator of the studio has decided to remain anonymous and have as little communication with people outside the team as possible. She will answer questions from time to time but will be unavailable for the most part because of work and time zones.

Her art student is sadly not able to communicate in English, but can read and understand most of it.


The studio owner is a native Japanese speaker and is writing the script. English happens to be her 3rd language. Although her English is mostly fluent, it is not perfect. She is currently working at a big Triple A studio in Japan and has worked at several others all over the world, so she is working full-time and she will not have the time to proof-read her own work. She also has issues with the writing itself since it’s very different from normal writing. At this current time, we are only looking for a proof-reader/assistant writer who can help her.
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Love writing.
  • Must accept writing and reading dark/gruesome themes
  • Passionate about telling our story and becoming immersed in the project. This is heavily based on text.
  • Easy to work with and have a positive attitude
  • Grammar and prose/script writing skills
  • If you have experience writing visual novel-like scripts
  • Discord and a working microphone for communication
Preferably be a Native English speaker
Send previous work (if applicable)/resume
Send at least one piece of writing you've written (preferably with romance elements) and written in first person perspective.
Email your audition material to

For any questions or if you want to help us bring this game to life, either contact Lasli Tran#9245 or Julie Park#8173 on Discord

If none of us are available you may contact the studio owner at: i am the goat#0963

Or join our Discord server at

Deadline: 13/06/18

Re: Welcome to The Clearing [Otome/Romance][Suspense][18+][Voiced] - Looking for Assistant Writer/Proofreader

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:12 pm
by MaliGarnet
I read you saying questions should be asked on discord, but just a quick one here, anyway:
Considering the studio owner is working at a studio in Japan, are you searching explicitly for people with lots of experience? (I'd say) I suit your requirements enough to at least audition, but you might not want a "casual" writer?

Re: Welcome to The Clearing [Otome/Romance][Suspense][18+][Voiced] - Looking for Assistant Writer/Proofreader

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:22 am
by Disallowed
"We intend to make this a polished project while keeping a casual and fun environment."

She is making this game for fun so anyone is free to audition! But we will obviously have to pick a writer that we feel suits the project the most!

Re: Welcome to The Clearing [Otome/Romance][Suspense][18+][Voiced] - Looking for Assistant Writer/Proofreader

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:33 am
by tellallsecrets
Hi! Are you still looking for a writer? If you pass me your email or discord or tumblr, I can send you a message with some links :)