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Hemlock- looking for CG/sprite artist/s [BxB][Yaoi Jam]

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:24 pm
by 78909087

Hemlock is a game for the Yaoi Jam. I've been looking independently, but I figured I should place this here in case it works a little better.

Based in an alternative universe, in medieval time- Hemlock is the story of a male witch called Elias, put otherwise, a male that practices wicca. (This does not make them a warlock. This will be explained in-game.) He lived in a kingdom where witches were treated well, allowed to help the general public and held in good honor. However, once day a boy from the nearby village runs to warn him. The king had declared that guards must move to kill all witches. The story follows Elias' retreat, and his attempts to escape the kingdom to one nearby. You, as Elias, happen to run into an injured man on your way, and your choices can determine your fate.

The game is planned to have three endings, and an extra, in-depth ending that expands upon the original story if time and resources allows.

I'm not hoping for super detailed backgrounds. Simple backgrounds, vector-style backgrounds, or backgrounds that only put focus on the necessary environment pieces will work just as well. There are just under 6 weeks left until the end of Yaoi Jam.
EDIT: There is only a week left, but if anyone is willing to help even after the jam, I'll post a 'complete' game afterwards.
The BGs planned for this are:
-Three kinds of forest background with varying time (morning, day, evening/night).
-A seasonal riverbed with steep, rocky sides. (This is where the second character is found).
-One village background with a market.
-An abandoned hut in the forest
-A pathway in a forest
-(?)One herbalist shop.
------ The following are for the extended version ------
-A castle gate
-Castle interior hallway
-Dungeon hallway
-Dungeon cell
-Prince's chambers
EDIT: I am now working with a BG Artist; Vagrant-Muffin.
The CGs will focus on the two main characters. Chibi are welcomed too. Character sketches are still being done, but they will be given to assist :)
EDIT: Sprite artist hasn't responded for a few weeks, so I'm going to look for anyone else interested in helping in the meanwhile.
I'm not gonna lie, I have about AUD$15 in my bank, I just like making visual novels for the community to play.

Force is currently working on this project with me, as the sprite artist.
EDIT: As above.
The two main characters are Elias and Leo (the stranger). I prefer bishounen art but I am comfortable with various other styles. Please PM me if you can help.
Leo has a lean, muscular build with intense scarring. Blonde, short cropped hair and green eyes.
Elias is less defined, shorter and has medium/long length dark wavy/curly hair and grey eyes.
I have references for the outfits, and will work to answer any questions you might have.

Feel free to PM me, I check regularly :)

Re: Hemlock- looking for BG CG artist/s [BxB][Yaoi Jam]

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:46 am
by 78909087
I've received a few messages about this, but no second replies... So I'm kicking the dust off of this, in hopes anyone wants to help. I can supply access to the older distributions of the game as it's made if you'd like to get a feel for it. There are only just over 3 weeks left in the jam, but I'm willing to publish a finished game after the jam if pieces aren't complete.

I'll make a post in Works In Progress soon, if I can get some better polished examples of the game.

Re: Hemlock- looking for CG/sprite artist/s [BxB][Yaoi Jam]

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:12 pm
by 78909087
I am working with a background artist, but the current sprite artist hasn't responded in weeks, so I'm reopening the position in case they have dumped the project.