"The Misunderstood"(Romance, Psychological Horror) in need of team

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"The Misunderstood"(Romance, Psychological Horror) in need of team

#1 Post by TsukiWorks » Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:05 am

Our project is in need of a team!

Himura Mamoru is a teenage boy that tries to understand the feeling of 'satisfaction'. He doesn't have a really positive view of life, but he is trying to get to 'Ikigai'.
The only thing that keeps him going on is art, in every shape, and cats.
Everything changes during his first day of high school, when he sees a very beautiful girl entering the classroom.
It's not your typical love story - the situation itself is really hard to understand for Mamoru.
He considers this girl, Kamiya Chiyori, his 'guardian angel'. 'The angel that came down from Heaven to take him out of this reality.'
Little did he know, that she was going to become one of the most popular girls from the school, along with her best friend, Chiaki Mari, who he considers is a bad influence for Chiyori.
But what if she is not influenced by her? What if she really does want to be popular? Mamoru didn't believe that. He thinks her kindness isn't just an act.
Will he be able to achieve his goal, to get closer to her? He will try to impress her with his art, even gets a new look, but will it reach her?
How does she feel about this? Is she the one Mamoru thought she was?
Or...could it all be just in his mind? The 'bait' he is taking from her.
However, this isn't a normal love story - it will turn into something darker later on...
All I can say is that this game isn't what it seems.

We need a:

-BG artist

-CG artist

The roles I take:
Writer, Sprite Artist, Programmer

Character design is 100% done, sprites are 100% done, and the story is 35% completed.
This is a completely free project, but only if I do manage to release the game on Steam, we can talk about the payment.
If you are interested, please PM me here or message me on discord: Tsuki#9932
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