(CLOSED) Writers Wanted! "The Poison Rose" [Otome]

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(CLOSED) Writers Wanted! "The Poison Rose" [Otome]

#1 Post by Angiestream » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:16 am

Who are we?:

Hi, everyone! My name is Angie and I am one of the directors for the otome fairy tale game: “The Poison Rose”

Because Hana, the original mind behind “The Poison Rose,” is so busy with making art for the game, she and I decided to split the work for it between us. I’ll be in charge of managing the story while she will be in charge of the other parts of production, such as art and sound! All of the following ideas were created by Hana and/or me. “The Poison Rose” is a free game so this work will not be paid. However, you will get full credit for your work as a crucial writer for our game :)

Who are we looking for?:

As of right now, we are recruiting writers! All writers are welcome but depending on the number of people interested, we may have to be a bit selective in who we choose. Our primary goal for a writer is to find one who is able to work well collaboratively with us and the other writers on our team while still maintaining our standard of quality writing.

What’s the story?:

“The Poison Rose” is an otome spin-off of the famous “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale. Princess Aurora is cursed by an evil fairy to perish when she turns eighteen after touching a poison rose. In Aurora’s kingdom, Rosetta, famous for its beautiful roses, Aurora is in grave danger. The only cure for this evil curse is a true love’s kiss. On Aurora’s 17th birthday, her family plans an elaborate birthday party in hopes that Aurora’s true love will be in attendance. Five potential suitors introduce themselves to Aurora and she must choose which one she thinks is her true love. Her life, literally, depends on it!

What still needs writing?:

As of right now, the first draft for the common route is completed, two routes have been started, and one more is over halfway done. That leaves three other routes still to be completed and we would love your help! The three remaining routes are: Alma’s route, Michael’s route, and Yuki’s route.

Alma’s route:

Alma is a charming and kind-hearted prince. He can be a bit foolish and silly but he has good intentions. Alma is fascinated with an enchanted orchard on the outskirts of the property surrounding the Rosetta Kingdom’s castle. Entering the enchanted orchard is forbidden. Alma is entranced by the orchard and decides to go inside even though it is forbidden. Princess Aurora follows after him in hopes to stop him. This leads to both of them being stuck in the enchanted orchard together. Trapped with no one but each other, the two begin on a magical and perilous adventure through the enchanted orchard looking for a way out. Will they find a way?

Michael’s route:

Michael is a small, sweet, young prince. He acts very childish and immature. Many people are taken in by his innocence. But, even though he is so young and childish, he is the sole person in charge of a small kingdom while the King and Queen are away. Rumor has it, Michael has no memories of his parents because they are always away. While Michael has everyone fooled with his boyish charms, Aurora grows closer to him on his route and she realizes how smart and cunning the boy really is. As they grow closer, Aurora realizes Michael’s festering abandonment issues have left something sinister hidden beneath the innocent mask he wears. Can Aurora become close enough to Michael to see and love his true self? Or will becoming closer cause problems for both Aurora and Michael?

Note: While these are the outlines of the story right now, we are open to new ideas. If you have an idea that takes a route in a totally different direction, we would be happy to hear about it and see if it is a good fit for the game!

How much work are we expecting?:

Each route should be a minimum of 20,000 words. We have a certain standard of quality of work we wish to uphold so do your best to make the editor’s job easy!

What progress has been made on other parts of the project?:

Planning: 95%
Music: 85%
Writing: 30%
Editing: 5%
Art: 35%
Programming: 0%
Testing: 0%

Unfortunately, a lot of parts of our game are ready to move forward but it is difficult to when some parts of the script are not even started yet!

So, how do I get involved?:

I’m so glad you asked :D ! Contact me with any of the following methods. They are listed in order of most effective to least effective:

Discord: Angie#1726
Email: businessangie3798@gmail.com
Write a comment or send a message here on LSF!

Please send a sample of your work, so we can get a taste for what your writing is like!

What if I’m not a writer?:

Even if you are not a writer but you want to get involved in some way that is more suitable to your talents, feel free to message! We are always looking for more help! We will probably be posting again soon in search for different people with different talents. Even if you just want to contact us to say you like our ideas, don’t hesitate to! Your replies inspire us! :D

Thank you for your time! I hope to hear from you soon :)
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Re: Writers Wanted! "The Poison Rose" [Otome]

#2 Post by tellallsecrets » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:31 am

Hi! Are you still looking for a writer? If you pass me your email or discord or tumblr, I can send you a message with some links :)

(JK! I saw your discord and added you - I am tellallsecrets#8032)

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