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Save the Kitty! [BxB] [Furry | Bara] [18+] - Looking for Artists! (BG, CG)

#1 Post by Bertran » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:25 pm

Hello everyone! We are "Strong & Furry" team that is creating visual novels about bara furries!
Our trial project is called "Save the Kitty!" and gives us first experience producing such things.

You can read whole information about the project (including planning and sample GUI) here - files are in English and Russian.


Original language of that game is Russian, but we plan to translate it into English (first priority), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and others in future!

We are looking for background and character artists. The most important part is characters' art, so we could be sure, that it will attract the eye!
The main sell point of that game is big strong beasts. We are looking for an artist who can draw well defined muscles and furries (an example of art is attached below).
You can check the characters shape in folder on Yandex Disk and decide.


How much is already done?

We have planned all arts and character design, and now we are waiting for official site launch, and music production for ending song.
All BGM music is done. There will be special edition of the game, including original soundtrack and art collection in original quality.
Overall, only art and technical part are left.

Will it be paid?

Unfortunately, in the process of creating the game we can't afford to pay you for your work. That is the reason why we decided to make it a short game, and that's why it will be a commercial product.
The game is 1 hour long, and has 6 backgrounds, 6 CG arts and 4 sprites of characters.
After release, 50% of sells will go for developing next project. That means, we all should be working hard for bright future. Let's fight together!
If you have your own thoughts about that situation, don't hesitate to tell us!


If you want to contact us, please, PM or write to (the official site hasn't been launched yet, and official mail doesn't work yet; we will update it).
You can also contact through Discord - @Bertran#2416.

Thank you very much!

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