[Open] Need a Ren'Py Programmer to Teach

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[Open] Need a Ren'Py Programmer to Teach

#1 Post by ArizaLuca » Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:38 pm

This is less of a project than asking for a teacher, but, ah... this DOES pertain to working on projects. If this is inappropriate placement for this topic, please alert me and I will immediately delete the thread and move the topic to the appropriate thread.

My 'name' is Ariza Luca; I am fairly new to Ren'Py and creating visual novels. So far I have created three (https://astralautumngames.itch.io/trust-fall, https://astralautumngames.itch.io/riddle-me-this, and https://astralautumngames.itch.io/through-the-screen, with my first-ever visual novel being the last one. I am skilled in writing, basic script coding, and art. However, what I am especially weak at is programming.

Currently, I am working on a noncommercial project called Phobias, with another one being created slowly on the side with a collaborator and a commercial game called 'Fata Morgana' being created along with Phobias. However, to create these three games, I would like to learn how to do custom GUI/UI coding and also learn to use the ATL language to make my visual novels look better and/or more polished.

I am looking for someone who:
  • Can create custom GUI
  • Can do code refactoring
  • Can create minigames (simple or complex)
  • Convert Ren'Py games to browser games
  • Convert Ren'Py games to iOS or Android
You do not have to know how to do ALL of those things; however it would be preferred if you knew at least two or three out of those totally.

I cannot promise any payment as of right now, but I would definitely be willing to pay the programmer a portion of a future commercial game's fundings/revenue once I have learned the necessary skills.

Thank you!

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