A big project/studio wants 3d Artist [+18] [3D] (Rendering)

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A big project/studio wants 3d Artist [+18] [3D] (Rendering)

#1 Post by enrohk » Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:11 am

Hi !
I'm searching for a 3D artist that is able to render images in Daz Studio using IRay .
The idea behind this project is create something big like "SummerTime Saga" but with very more mature/realistic theme.
The goal is making something different , realistic , sometimes funny , sometimes cruel ... strange and worth the play ;)

How much is already done?
Most of the history is already writen. At last for the main characters. If this is working there's already like drafts for 8-10 more characters.
Also the Daz Files , some scenery's , main characters , poses and those stuff are in work and I can provide the assets and files for those renders.
I can compose scenes but my computer is not able to render now (got freezes).
Also the game already have most of the core mechanics:
  • Full Freedom with time and energy mechanics
  • A Garden system
  • Dealing minigame
  • A Hideout upgradeable
  • Quests, events and economy
  • A Lab system
  • 3 Stat 1v1 Fight
I want also to present a small demo to Renpy JAM so we can use this Jam to showcase the project.

Where the work is needed?
This project is not a "grab that character pack , render it" each character is created using a wide variety of variations. So each character is unique.
Also for scenery. Most scenery's and objects are created or modified by hand to suit the game.
There's work need to be done on :
  • Composing scenes
  • Rendering scenes (some have variations , day/evening/night, with people, etc..)
  • Rendering poses for characters
  • Rendering Battle images
  • Render Items
Will it be paid?
At the start , no. The idea is to set a Patreon and publish a demo to show the idea behind this game and if the audience is interested in those kind of games. So really what I'm offering here is a place in the studio. The goal of the studio is : "We create something different..." so we create a set of Rewards like talking and discussing about the atmosphere or thematic of the next game , updates and changes to the current one , etc...

If you want to join this project PM here or send a mail to : lczarnian@gmail.com so we can talk better about this :wink:
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