lighthearted fantasy for renpy jam looking for team members

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lighthearted fantasy for renpy jam looking for team members

#1 Post by cedes » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:22 am

Hey everyone I'm looking for people to help me out with the renpy jam game I'm making! I started a bit late but would really love to make it in time! I made a page here on crowdforge if you're interested in checking it out!!

But a better summary here, I'm looking for

background artist
concept artist
gui artist

Basically everyone! I plan on being the main artist, but would love to work with others on the aspects I'm no good at haha. You can see my artwork here to get an idea of what would be a good match :
I've got a basic doc that I can share with the ideas I have so far as well as the designs I have so far.

Coder --
There will be a shop system, creation system, and hopefully a simple battle system as well.
Writer --
I'm terrible at writing haha! So I can give some basic information and whatnot, and you'll work with me to make the story good! I have basic ideas of the world and town sort of, so there's some structure there, but plenty of wiggle room with the characters!
Background Artist --
As long as your art can mesh well with my art style, things sound be fine! A more fun cartoony look i think would be cool but apply all you'd like! I'm thinking a few interior bgs, a forest of some sort, and a town map!
Concept Artist --
To help create the building styles, character designs I'm having trouble with, and whatnot!
GUI Artist --
I'm terrible at GUI haha, so someone to create an awesome menu, title screen etc! I can try mockups or you can try to something else.

Thanks for checking everything out!
Feel free to respond on here, pms, or discord! (im #cedes4649 ) I'd love to make channel on there or even slack if that's a popular idea.

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