['Dark Harem'][BxG] Searching for a BG ARTIST! <3

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['Dark Harem'][BxG] Searching for a BG ARTIST! <3

#1 Post by joolzie_ » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:55 am

Hiya fellow dwellers of Lemma Soft Forums! :D

I am currently working on a harem visual novel (no title yet, the above is just a placeholder lmao) with very dark themes (content-wise). For example, there will be a rape scene, several acts of violence and abuse, several acts of violence and abuse towards children, neglect, suicide, abduction, bullying, coercion, etc. I suppose I would have it tagged under Psychological Horror, Horror, Gore, Violence, etc. But it's still a cute harem VN with hearts and flowers (granted you make all of the right decisions and get the Good End of course -- There will definitely be tragic Bad Ends to read as consequence for making the wrong choice). Another motif of the visual novel will be that each character will suffer from a phobia that affects how they cope with their situation.
Anywho, that being said, I'm in search of a team for such a game! Hmm, if I still have your attention (and haven't scared you off) I should probably brief you on what the story is about.

Opening scene~
We have our wonderful male protagonist (nameable; default name 'Jihun') at 10 years of age abducted from a community family event. Because of his androgynous looks, his kidnapper (Damien) had mistaken him for a girl, and upon realisation that our protagonist was indeed not female, he is kept and mentally, emotionally, and physically abused until broken. He continues living as a servant to his kidnapper and a tender to his kidnapper's victims (feeding them, bathing them, dressing them in the kidnapper's favourite outfits, etc.) The day of his 18th birthday (the visual novel's current timeline) marks the beginning of our protagonist finally beginning to grow and become braver (all while sporting a very interesting, emerging hero complex) as he interacts with the the VN's harem girls, Damien's victims (Blair, Alisa, Miyuki, Lilith, Friday, Clarice).
I won't mention any more on this forum ;)

Here are some of the concept arts from our ever-so-gorgeous sprite artist!!

Anyways I hope that brief summary intrigued you!
What I'm looking for in team members is simple, really...
1. Be comfortable working on such a visual novel with such themes
2. Be able to openly communicate with the other project members
3. Be dedicated unless unforeseen circumstances force you to stop working with us (if this happens please do let us know instead of disappearing off of the face of the Earth)

The positions below are the positions that are required to be filled for this visual novel!! If a position is [Closed for Now] it just means that there is no need for somebody to fill that role at this very moment because the project isn't at the stage where it needs that particular role. If you're interested in a position that is "Closed for Now" though please let me know via my email below!!

Email: adorableinredninjabunnies@gmail.com

Team Positions!
Script-Writer = (Position Claimed)
Script Coder/Programmer = (Position Claimed)
Sprite Artist = (Position Claimed)
BG Artist = (OPEN!!!!!!!!!!)
CG Artist = (Closed for Now)
GUI Coder/Programmer = (Closed for Now)
GUI Designer = (Closed for Now)
Music Composer = (Position Claimed)

Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope to hear from some of you soon!!
Much love, Joolzie
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Re: [Dark Harem][BxG] Searching for a Team! <3

#2 Post by joolzie_ » Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:52 am

These are the following positions now OPEN! >w<)/

No positions are currently open!! If you'd like to sign up for one of the "Closed for Now" positions please do so by sending a message to my email: adorableinredninjabunnies@gmail.com


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Re: ['Dark Harem'][BxG] Searching for a BG ARTIST! <3

#3 Post by joolzie_ » Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:19 pm


Hi guys! We're searching for a bg artist right now! :'3

Currently there is thought for 17 bgs to be used in the VN ^,^ These bgs are as follows:
1) Backyard
2) Porch/Patio of front yard
3) Kitchen
4) Hallways
5) Protagonist's Room
6) Upstairs bathroom
7) Antagonist's Room
8) Basement stairs
9) Common Room (essentially a living room in the basement)
10-16) The harem girls' cells (still contemplating on whether they should all look the same or differ -- the latter's most likely)
17) Hotel-room

If you're interested in being our BG artist for this VN please please please send me an email to adorableinredninjabunnies@gmail.com or just PM me here with some samples! Whichever is easiest for you :')
Thank you for reading and hope to hear from some of you soon!!
<3 Julia

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